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Incinerator information library

Information for Hightown Quarry, Boghill Road, Mallusk, Newtonabbey, nr. Belfast

Status: Prevented
Planning Region: Northern Ireland
Planning Sub-Region: County Antrim
Operator: Arc21 / Becon Consortium (E.ON)
Capacity: 211,000
Campaign Group(s): NARC21 (No-ARC21), Friends of the Earth Northern Ireland, Green Party, Residents Against the Hightown Incinerator, Sinn Fein
Notes: Direct combustion incinerator intended to burn RDF and untreated waste. Granted planning permission in September 2017, but a successful legal challenge was brought by NoArc21 in November 2017 and the decision was quashed by the High Court in May 2018 and this quashing was upheld by the Court of Appeal in July 2018 [Source, Source>/a>, Souirce] . Planning application submitted March 2014, refused September 2015 by the Environment Minister, and appealed to the Northern Ireland Planning Appeals Commission in October 2015 [T/2014/0114/F) [Source]. Proposals were announced in March 2013 as part of the arc21 Residual Waste Treatment Project (Source). arc21 is "the umbrella waste management group for 11 councils in the east of Northern Ireland". (Entry updated 2018-07-26)

Plume Plotter entry for Newtownabbey

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