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Incinerator information library

Information for Cornwall EFW Recovery Centre, Rostowrack Farm, St Dennis

Status: Existing
Planning Region: South West
Planning Sub-Region: Cornwall
Operator: SITA Cornwall Ltd (Suez Environnement)
Capacity: 240,000
Campaign Group(s): Cornwall Sustainable Waste Network (CSWN) and St. Dennis Incinerator Group (STIG)
Notes: Facility operational. Environmental permit granted in December 2010 [Source]. Planning permission granted on appeal in May 2011 [Source, See decision]. Permit GP3433GH issued in December 2010. SITA emissions data avilable from here and independent monitoring reports available from here. In March 2019 local campaigners were informed that repairs were being carried out to replace the faulty turbine. The turbine problem meant that no electricity was generated by the plant since June 2018 [Source]. Tonnes burned: 250 ktpa (2017); 221 ktpa (2018). (Entry updated 2019-06-06)

Plume Plotter entry for Cornwall

This pollution prediction was produced by Plume Plotter. Click here for more details.

Waste management for England 2018: Operational (Environment Agency)

Uses data from Waste Data Interrogator 2018 - 2018 Waste Summary Tables for England - Version 2 released by the Environment Agency under the Open Government License

PermitDate PermittedOperator NameSite NameSite AddressFormer Planning RegionFormer Planning Sub-RegionEA AreaTypePermitted Capacity (tonnage)Tonnage Incinerated in 2006Tonnage Incinerated in 2007Tonnage Incinerated in 2008Tonnage Incinerated in 2009Tonnage Incinerated in 2010Tonnage Incinerated in 2011Tonnage Incinerated in 2012Tonnage Incinerated in 2013Tonnage Incinerated in 2014Tonnage Incinerated in 2015Tonnage Incinerated in 2016Tonnage Incinerated in 2017Tonnage Incinerated in 2018Comment
GP3433GH23/03/2017SUEZ Recycling and Recovery UK LtdCornwall EFW Recovery CentreCornwall Energy Recovery Centre,St Dennis,Cornwall PL268DYSouth WestCornwallDevon and CornwallMunicipal and/or Industrial & Commercial240,000-----------188728 221,240

Environment Agency 2018 Pollution Inventory: Substances

Uses data from the Pollution Inventory 2018 released by the Environment Agency under a special license

GP3433GHDevon, Cornwall and the Isles of ScillyAirNitrogen oxides (NO and NO2) as NO2100000152,513.00EfWEfW
GP3433GHDevon, Cornwall and the Isles of ScillyAirArsenic114.32EfWEfW
GP3433GHDevon, Cornwall and the Isles of ScillyAirDioxins and furans (PCDDs/PCDFs) - as ITEQ0.000010EfWEfW
GP3433GHDevon, Cornwall and the Isles of ScillyAirDioxins and furans (PCDDs/PCDFs) - as WHO TEQ0.000010EfWEfW
GP3433GHDevon, Cornwall and the Isles of ScillyAirCarbon dioxide1000000015,261,000.00EfWEfW

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