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Information for Trident Park, Cardiff Bay (near Splott)

Status: Existing
Planning Region: Wales
Planning Sub-Region: Cardiff
Operator: Viridor and PMG Estates Ltd / Prosiect Gwyrdd (Project Green)
Capacity: 425,000
Campaign Group(s): Cardiff FoE, Scam Gwyrdd Wales Green Party, South Wales Without Incineration Network (SWWIN) and Cardiff Against The Incinerator
Notes: Began operating in March 2015 [Source]. In March 2017 capacity was increased 350ktpa to 425ktpa [Source]. Viridor were winning bidder for Prosiect Gwyrdd after WRG pulled out in May 2011, Covanta pulled out in October 2011 and Veolia pulled out in March 2013 [Source, Source, Source]. Contract signed December 2013 includes building an incinerator on the site [Souce]. Planning permission granted by Cardiff Council in June 2010. Issued permit LP3030XA in November 2010. In November 2015 four other Welsh local authorities agreed to use the capacity [Source]. In 2016 it was announced that the European Investment Bank were to make a £110m loan for the scheme [Source]. In February 2019 it was reported that Pembrokeshire County Council were contracted to supply 20ktpa a year to the Trident Park incinerator for the next eight years [Source, Source]. The BEIS 2020 Q1 Heat Networks Pipeline Report associates this incinerator with the proposed Cardiff Heat Network [Source]. Tonnes burned: 363 ktpa (2017); 376 ktpa (2018). (Entry updated 2020-07-08)

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