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Incinerator information library

Information for Belmont Industrial Estate, Rochdale Road, Triangle, Sowerby Bridge

Status: Potential
Planning Region: Yorkshire & the Humber
Planning Sub-Region: Calderdale
Operator: Calder Valley Skip Hire
Capacity: 10,000
Campaign Group(s): Contact to be put in touch with those opposing this development.
Notes: Application made in August 2015 (15/01072/WAM and 16/00297/WVARS) for a Small Waste Incineration Plant (SWIP) to burn waste sent to the Rochdale Road MRF (commercial and municipal waste arisings in the Calder Valley region). The application was withdrawn in September 2016, with a stated intention to resubmit a revised proposal "in the near future". A different application was submitted in January 2017 for a similar facility at the Calder Valley Skip Hire site (ref 17/00113/WAM) and this was unanimously refused by the Planning Committee on the 19th of December 2017. The proposal refused permission in December 2017 was subsequently appealed in July 2018 with the inquiry began in April 2019 (PINS ref 3205776). A proposal to vary Planning Permission 04/02712 "to allow use of heat and energy recovery plant" was also refused and is being appealed (PINS ref 3205783) and is linked to the lead appeal 3205776. Inquiry hearings closed in November 2019 and a decision is due to be issued 10th February 2020. (Entry updated 2020-01-06)