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Incinerator information library

Information for Avonmouth Energy Facility, Former Britannia Zinc Site, Kings Weston Lane (Avonmouth)

Status: Existing
Planning Region: South West
Planning Sub-Region: Bristol
Operator: Avonmouth BioPower ("42.5% owned by funds advised by Aurium Capital Markets, 42.5% by CoGen and 15% by Syngas Products Ltd", formerly owned by New Earth Energy / New Earth Solutions)
Capacity: 100,000 - 120,000
Campaign Group(s): Contact to be put in touch with those opposing this development.
Notes: Gasification and pyrolysis incinerator granted planning permission in October 2010 [Source]. Began exporting energy to the grid in June 2013 [Source]. According to a July 2014 letter to shareholders, there was an intention to sell the facility to Macquarie Bank due to the "...continuing poor performance of the ERF plant", and an acknowledgement that the facility "carries significant risk as to its ultimate success" [Source]. In June 2016 it was decided that due to the failure of the plant to operate on a typical RDF feedstock: "It was agreed to suspend activity at the plant in order to undertake a major redevelopment programme, designed to address operational problems, including the potential switch of fuel supply from RDF - a key requirement of the redevelopment being that the site can operate on a readily available, consistent feedstock" - it was stated that "it is anticipated that these works will commence during 2017 and that operations at the plant may re-commence during 2018" [Source]. Issued permit JP3535CE. (Entry updated 2017-06-19)