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Incineration harms recycling, worsens climate change, and other reasons to oppose it

Much of what is incinerated could have been recycled; incineration releases tonnes of CO2 in exchange for very little energy; and other good reasons to oppose incineration.

Support for your local anti‑incineration campaign

Useful advice and guidance to help you with your local efforts to oppose incineration, including how to set up a local campaign group, how to object to a planning application, how to promote alternatives, and much more.

The UK's national campaign against waste incineration

Read more about the work that UKWIN is doing to oppose incineration nationally - including our call for an incineration tax and a moratorium on new capacity - and how you can support these efforts.

Map/table of UK incinerators

UKWIN has collated loads of useful information about existing, potential, and prevented incinerators across the UK - including contact details for local groups, copies of permits, annual reports, etc.

Quick facts and figures

Useful, fully sourced, factual information for journalists and others who want a quick overview of waste incineration in bite-sized chunks that can be cited and repeated.

Social media

See UKWIN's latest Facebook posts and Tweets, and help us get the word out to others who may be interested.

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Particulates Matter: Are emissions from incinerators safe to breathe?

December 2019 Analysis of answers to Parliamentary Questions about particulate matter emitted by municipal waste incinerators reveals misleading statements made by the Government about the health dangers posed by waste incinerators. Government Ministers omitted important caveats and provided incomplete information. By focussing their attention on the mass of particles released by incinerators instead of the number of particles released by incinerators the Government is failing to do their utmost to protect the public.

Download the ‘Particulates Matter’ report

Visit the Particulate Research Group (PRG) webpage

Smoke and Mirrors: exposing the reality of carpet ‘recycling’ in the UK

November 2019 This briefing, launched in partnership with the UK Without Incineration Network (UKWIN) and Zero Waste Europe, explores the environmental performance of Carpet Recycling UK, a trade association founded by carpet manufacturers in the UK in 2008, with the goal of increasing landfill diversion. While the organisation has increased landfill diversion from 2% in 2008 to 44% in 2018, this report reveals that 73% of this diversion is incineration, at an approximate annual climate cost of £16.5 million to UK society. A further 22% of diverted carpet is shredded and used for equestrian arenas, while just 2% is recycled back into a non-shredded product from carpet fibres, and less than 1% is reused. This briefing exposes both a severe case of greenwash and the failure of voluntary industry initiatives to drive the transition towards circular economy. It calls on the UK government to implement Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) legislation to shift the carpet industry towards green design and carpet-to-carpet recycling, and away from incineration, with its high climate costs. The briefing calls on CRUK and its members to join other progressive manufacturers and publicly support mandatory EPR to close the loop on the carpet industry.

Download the 'Smoke and Mirrors' report

Read Shlomo Dowen's blog post for Zero Waste Europe on the carpet campaign (December 2019)