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Spread of incinerators a “really worrying” threat says ADBA CEO

In an interview with Materials Recycling Week (MRW) Charlotte Morton, the chief executive of the Anaerobic Digestion and Biogas Association (ADBA), has criticised waste incineration. MRW’s Neil Roberts reports:

Morton would like to think the UK is shifting towards separate food waste collection. But she sees the spread of incinerators as a “really worrying” threat, “a criminal waste, when you look at the value of our waste streams”.

Citation: Liberation of AD from its shackles. Neil Roberts. Materials Recycling Week (MRW), Vol 199, Issue 16. 4th May 2012. Available from:

Back in February 2012 Charlotte Morton also wrote a letter to MRW on behalf of ABDA which included the notion that “Incinerating valuable resources that can be recycled does not make environmental or economic sense in the long term” (Use our understanding of resource efficiency. MRW, 24th February 2012).

If you are aware of any other good quotes from trade bodies and associations criticising incineration then please let us know.

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