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Another fire at Crymlyn Burrows

Mystery surrounds the most recent fire at the Crymlyn Burrows waste treatment plant near Swansea.

Little is known about the circumstances, apart from a brief article on the BBC News website informing us of the fire on 9th February 2010:

Firefighters tackled a blaze at the Crymlyn Burrows waste treatment plant near Swansea. Mid and West Wales Fire and Rescue Service was called to the Materials Recovery and Energy Centre just after midnight. The fire was said to be deep seated in around 400 tonnes of waste material. Staff had to use diggers to get to it as fire crews used a water hose. Firefighters left the scene at around 2.50am.

You may recall the LetsRecycle articles from 2003 (e.g. Crymlyn Burrows plant banned from taking waste and HLC takes stock after fire at Crymlyn Burrows waste facility describing how, on 10th August 2003, the Crymlyn Burrows waste facility “suffered a fire in its composting area, which took fire fighters four days to put out”
and how “During this time over a million litres of water was used to put out the fire and became polluted by the burning material and waste on the site”.

We await further details of this latest fire…

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