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Recognition for UKWIN

We are proud to announce that the United Kingdom Without Incineration Network (UKWIN) is featured alongside others, such as Friends of the Earth Senior Waste Campaigner Michael Warhurst and UKWIN AGM 2009 keynote speaker Peter Jones, in Resource Magazine’s “Hot 100”.

Resource describes itself as a magazine offing a new perspective on waste. Each year they compile a list of 100 “waste and recycling stars” (waste geeks), and this year’s list recognises the work of some familiar names, including:

  • Shlomo Dowen (UKWIN) – “The people’s champion for freedom of waste information”
    Michael Warhust (FoE) – “Exposer of myths”
    Dominic Hogg (Eunomia) – “For taking the fight for better environmental policy from the national level up to the EU”
    Ray Georgeson (Ray Georgeson Resources) – “For his inspirational thinking…”
    Julian Parfitt (Resource Futures) – “Excellent research on composting”
    Matthew Thomson (London CRN) – “His enthusiasm is infectious and he constantly – quite rightly – challenges the powers that be”
    Kate Chappell (Carpet Recycling UK) – “For single-handedly setting up and gaining funding for two carpet recycling facilities”

No more spoilers folks – If you want to see the full list you’ll have to ask for a copy of the November – December 2009 Issue Number 50 of Resource Magazine

And as if that were not enough, UKWIN also received recognition from the Chartered Institution of Wastes Management (CIWM)!

Yes, you read that correctly, the CIWM describes itself as “the professional body which represents over 6,000 waste management professionals…”

Each year the CIWM holds an award ceremony. The Ben Heath Award for Outstanding Presentations “is intended to recognise the importance of preparing clear, informative and interesting presentations, not necessarily involving the preparation of a formal written paper.

This year’s runner-up for the Ben Heath Award for Outstanding Presentations went to UKWIN Coordinator Shlomo Dowen.

Download a version of Shlomo’s presentation [PDF]


One thought on “Recognition for UKWIN

  1. Rob Whittle, NAIL2

    Well done Shlomo and an excellent presentation with the strong arguments.

    For me it indicates that many in CIWM quietly agree with the waste resource /contra incineration points you make.

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