Many ask EFRACOM for more recycling, less incineration

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May 202014

UKWIN has provided written evidence to the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee’s inquiry into Waste Management in England. Continue reading »

EfW Guide Chapter 5 comes down hard on gasification and pyrolysis

On the 26th of February 2014 the Government published a revised version of ‘Energy from Waste – a guide to the debate’, a document which is intended “to provide a starting point for discussions about the role energy from waste might have in managing waste”. The Government’s EfW Guide is available from: Importantly, the […]

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Joint letter to the Treasury opposing UK Guarantee Scheme’s support of biomass and incineration

On Wednesday 18 December at 2pm Biofuelwatch, Friends of the Earth, UK Without Incineration Network (UKWIN) and Campaign Against Climate Change will deliver a joint letter calling on the Treasury to drop biomass electricity and waste incineration projects from their short list of ‘pre-qualified’ projects for preferential loan guarantee support under the UK Guarantee Scheme. […]

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Report reveals incineration overcapacity constraint to recycling

Issue 5 of Eunomia’s Residual Waste Infrastructure Review was published on the 28th of November 2013. The Report reveals both residual waste treatment overcapacity and the constraining effect of long-term waste management contracts on recycling.

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End of the line for Shore Road incinerator?

Grundon’s planning application for a 90ktpa incinerator on Shore Road, near Perth Prison, was first refused in 2009 and its appeal was rejected by Scottish Ministers in November 2010. Grundon then submitted an amended planning application that was refused in February 2012, and on the 19th of August 2013 the appeal for this amended application was also rejected by Scottish […]

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Waste professional calls for more focus on the European Roadmap

Peter Jones (the Senior Consultant for Eunomia, not the director of Waste2Tricity) has drawn attention to the importance of the European Commission to the national waste discussion in a contribution to the Isonomia blog (‘Reading the resource roadmap’). Isonomia aims to “promote informed discussion of a diversity of views on waste and environment issues” by […]

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The CCC promotes increased AD of food waste

In its fifth statutory report to Parliament on progress towards meeting carbon budgets the Committee on Climate Change has suggested that: “…Further reductions in waste emissions could be supported through introduction of stronger levers, particularly targeting household food waste, which is likely to continue to be a major contributor to future landfill emissions. For example, […]

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Take part in the European Targets Review consultation!

The consultation for the Targets Review Project has now been launched by the European Commission, with responses needed by the 10th of September 2013. The consultation document is a broad-ranging investigation into the future of waste management which could result in a genuine move away from incineration and towards higher legally binding recycling targets across the EU, and […]

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Incineration capacity rises as feedstock falls

The fourth issue of Eunomia’s Residual Waste Infrastructure Review is out, and it shows that there has been an increase in incineration capacity at a time when residual waste arisings have been falling. If one combines Eunomia’s central forecast with the 2015 and 2020 trends for English waste arisings set out in the Government’s February […]

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A collection of current incineration petitions

Below are a number of online incineration-related petitions that our members have made us aware of. 

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CPI and CIWEM raises concerns regarding incineration harming recycling

The recently released Confederation of Paper Industries (CPI) 2012-13 review raises concerns regarding the detrimental impact on recycling of incineration overcapacity and long-term waste contracts. Alongside this, CIWEM have raised concerns that existing economic drivers give rise to the incineration of material that could be dealt with in the top tiers of the waste management hierarchy.

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