Clarification and Apology (FAO listeners)

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Feb 182018

It has been drawn to my attention that Rolton Kilbride is concerned that some of the statements I [Shlomo Dowen] made during a broadcast on on 24 January 2018 and 30 January 2018 relating to Rolton Kilbride’s proposed gasification development in Washington, Sunderland could have been open to misinterpretation, and I therefore wish to issue the following clarification and apology.

For the avoidance of doubt:

I have not made any detailed and systematic assessment of Rolton Kilbride’s financial circumstances and I have not undertaken an assessment of the reasons why companies associated with Rolton Kilbride were dissolved, and therefore nothing I said during the course of the interview broadcast on on 24 January 2018 or 30 January 2018 should be interpreted as an allegation of financial impropriety or instability relating to Rolton Kilbride.

Comments made during the course of the interview broadcast on regarding the gasification technology that Rolton Kilbride proposes to use in Washington related to my professional opinion of what had and had not been demonstrated by the information provided up to that point in time by Rolton Kilbride as part of their planning application and supporting documents.

The comment I made during the course of the interview broadcast on on 24 January 2018 that Rolton Kilbride seemed to me not to have “done the job properly” was a reference to the Waste Planning Authority’s (WPA’s) Regulation 25 request for further environmental information, made on the basis that the WPA had not found the information submitted by Rolton Kilbride to be sufficient in order to reach a reasoned conclusion on the likely significant effects of the proposed development. It was not my intention for anything more than this to be read in to my statement.

I recognise that Rolton Kilbride was granted planning permission for gasification proposals in both Castle Bromwich (Birmingham) and Hams Hall (Warwickshire), and note that the refusal notice for their Swindon proposal is available from the Swindon Borough Council website entry for Application Reference S/16/1055.

The statement I made during the course of the interview broadcast on on 24 January 2018 that Rolton Kilbride had wanted to enter into secret talks (by which I meant private talks) with Sharon Hodgson MP was not intended to allege anything unlawful on anyone’s part, and related solely and only to one interpretation of the implications of the statement contained within Rolton Kilbride’s letter dated 7th November 2017, available from Sharon Hodgson MP’s website that includes the following: “Thank you for sending a copy of your objection to Rolton Kilbride. I appreciate you have concerns and it would have been good to discuss these, particularly before they were made public… ”

I apologise if any statements I made during the course of the interview broadcast on on 24 January 2018 and 30 January 2018 could have been open to misinterpretation. I request that if you are aware of anyone who might have misinterpreted what I said that you draw their attention to this statement. For the avoidance of doubt, nothing that I said on was intended to imply that Rolton Kilbride acted unlawfully in any way.

Shlomo Dowen, for and on behalf of the United Kingdom Without Incineration Network (UKWIN)

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