The 140-page report produced for WRAP by Eunomia Research & Consulting highlights how focussing on landfill diversion could result in material that should be reduced, reused, recycled or composted being incinerated instead, and how any requirement to pre-sort waste should be applied to all forms of residual waste treatment, including incineration, and not just landfill. The report also suggest that such requirements should be applied to businesses as well as to local authorities. Continue reading »

Issue 3 of the Eunomia Residual Waste Infrastructure Review has concluded that the UK could have more residual waste treatment capacity than residual waste by 2015, with the main question simply being the extent of this overcapacity. Continue reading »

In a new report entitled Beyond landfill: Using green taxes to incentivise the waste hierarchy the Environmental Services Association (ESA) rightly says there is a need for more taxes to encourage management of waste at the top tiers of the waste hierarchy. However, the ESA unfairly dismisses an incineration tax as one of the means to achieve this. Continue reading »

Following on from the Q3 stats released in August, the latest National Statistics Release covers 2011/12. Continue reading »

Veolia Environmental Services has withdrawn their s288 legal challenge against the Secretary of State’s May 2011 decision to refuse planning permission for an incinerator at the Former Rufford Colliery in Rainworth, Nottinghamshire. Continue reading »

It is worth reading the 9th October 2012 Isonomia article ‘Exports: a waste of energy?‘ by Eunomia Principal Consultant Adam Baddeley. The article critiques the primary arguments that the domestic incineration lobby use to claim that it is better to build new incinerators to treat RDF than to export it to other European countries. Continue reading »

The Government has decided not to limit Renewable Obligation support for AD facilities to the minority that would generated more than 5 MW as had been proposed. Continue reading »

Speaking of the prospects of an incineration tax, Eunomia Director Mike Brown has made the case that an incineration tax could be the way that the Government responds to falling landfill tax returns, stating that “for a government approaching the event horizon of a financial black hole its attraction could be irresistible”, with the environmental justification being to promote recycling and reflect the negative GHG impacts of incineration (Source). The whole article is well worth reading. Continue reading »

European Commissioner for the Environment Janez Potočnik has stated in a recent speech to a major plastics industry summit that energy recovery is a barrier to the availability of plastics for recycling and that we should be focussing on recycling plastics rather than using them for energy recovery: Continue reading »

According to a Confederation of Paper Industries Press Release (18 September 2012) the UK paper industry is of the view that: “Subsidies for Energy from Waste and large scale energy only biomass should be phased out as they put at risk supplies of the Paper Industry’s basic raw materials – recycled fibres and wood pulp. Continue reading »

The answer to a ministerial question has revealed that the Government has not been keeping a close eye on incineration capacity, despite a European Commission spokesman making it clear in March 2012 that “the UK should look to reuse and recycling and not to over-capacity of incineration” (source). Continue reading »

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