Anti-incineration experts rallied to support Guernsey to reject plans for a waste incinerator on the island.

Following the emergence of an anti-incineration campaign for Guernsey (supported by UKWIN), and recent presentations to deputies, key business leaders and the public by Alan Watson, Director of Public Interest Consultants (PIC), and by Dr Paul Connett, Professor of Environmental Chemistry at St Lawrence University, Guernsey has decided against building an incinerator at Longue Hougue.

Images from protest against Suez / SITA Guernsey Energy from Waste incinerator

The Guernsey campaigners earned the praise of the experts, with Dr Connett saying:

A classic case of great teamwork and great timing. The local group was very well organized with a number of very well informed (and lovely) people. My few days there were a delight – and the outcome was most exciting.

and with Alan Watson adding:

This was a great campaign and the island is now set for a zero waste strategy.

The island’s media are reporting that:

Guernsey’s States have voted overwhelmingly to scrap plans for a multi-million pound waste-to-energy plant at Longue Hougue. The decision follows a much closer earlier vote which amended a requete from Deputy Jan Kuttelwascher. That gave deputies the opportunity to throw out the Suez proposals… Members of the Environment Department did not take part in the votes because of a potential conflict of interest.

The short article also notes that the States have also decided to look into exporting Guernsey’s rubbish to Jersey.

And according to The Guernsey Press Jersey has agreed to accept Guernsey’s waste for a decade to come.

Senator Alan Maclean, minister for Economic Development, and reiterates a letter sent to Public Services in 2009 stating that Jersey could take 30,000 tonnes of Guernsey’s waste for 10 years.

A 2-minute interview with two local anti-incineration campaigners is available from and a longer article about Guernsey’s abandonment of incinerator plans has been produced by the BBC.

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Jersey’s Save Our Shoreline (SOS) group has been active in raising the alarm over incinerator proposals for the island.

Save Our Shoreline have now submitted a substantive dossier to the Environment Scrutiny Panel containing strong and expert evidence that the Planning Consent for the ‘Energy from Waste’ plant is seriously flawed in several aspects. Continue reading »

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Incinerator plans for the Isle of Jersey have been challenged by the incoming administration. A video of the self-styled ‘Incinerator Gang’ shows Deputy Daniel Wimberley burning a pound note to symbolise the burning of money represented by Jersey’s incinerator plans. Continue reading »

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