The North Yorkshire Waste Action Group (NYWAG) has recently launched a new on-line petition, available at Continue reading »

The North Yorkshire-based Dalton Incinerator Steering Committee (DISC) continues to lobby the Coalition Government about the wisdom of alternatives to waste incineration. Continue reading »

In a report to North Yorkshire Council’s Planning and Regulatory Functions Committee, in advance of their 15th December 2009 meeting, the Corporate Director for Business and Environmental Services, Richard Flinton, cites deficiencies in the application to support his call for the incinerator application to be refused planning permission. Continue reading »

The protest group fighting plans to develop a multi-million pound incinerator in North Yorkshire claim County Councillors have been told they can’t declare whether or not they are in favour of the controversial scheme.

DISC – the Dalton Incinerator Steering Committee – had written to all 72 county councillors asking them to state where they stood on the issue, before next month’s County Council elections.

But David Andrews, Chair of DISC, says he understand the Councils Assistant Chief Executive, Carole Dunn, has written to all of the members telling them that they shouldn’t “make statements that would suggest that they have already made up their minds…or may prejudice their ability to take part in future decision making on this issue.”

“The reason we are opposing plans for the incinerator is that we care about our environment and the people who live in that environment both now and for generations to come,” said Mr Andrews. “As far we we’re concerned this is not a political issue, it’s a human issue which directly involves the very people who elect the county councillors.

“I think it’s disgraceful that those councillors should now be told they aren’t allowed to support the views of the people who voted them into power. Surely their first responsibility should be to those people, not to politics.”

Mr Andrews said DISC were now calling on the Assistant Chief Executive to retract her statement and he says he believes the current law backs their decision. He said the Standards Board for England had issued legal guidance which quite clearly stated that “the fact that a councillor may have made it clear that he has a policy predisposition to favour a particular outcome in relation to a decision to which he is party does not mean that it is unlawful for him to participate in making that decision.”

“We believe the statement from the Assistant Chief Executive goes directly against that guidance, and if necessary we are prepared to take that to the local government Ombudsman,” he said. He’s also asking all members of DISC to contact their local MP to complain about what he says is “a clear abuse of the democratic process”

DISC was initially formed to fight plans to site the incinerator at Dalton near Thirsk, but has now become the protest group for residents living in villages around the three sites thought to be favoured for the development: Dalton, Allerton Quarry and Burn Airfield.

Visit the Marton cum Grafton village website and of course the DISC website for more…

There will be a meeting held by North Yorkshire County Council on 12th November 2008 at 14:00pm at Northallerton, County Hall which you can attend and voice your concerns about the whole waste planning process and its failure to take account of your opinions and concerns. Councillors will then decide whether or not there is a case to answer for the failure of the Waste Core Strategy and whether to change Council policies. Continue reading »

In addition to reading the updates (below) and visiting the various campaign group websites, you might also like to view the brief BBC Look East video clip on incineration and read the UKWIN coverage on Lets Recycle. I trust you all caught the BBC’s One O’Clock News on Thursday…UKWIN is about 1 minute and 35 seconds in…

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The Public Examination reached day two and there have been significant developments. Examiner Mr King has been reviewing North Yorkshire County Council’s (NYCC) Waste Core Strategy. He requires clear evidence that the plan being proposed is well researched and thought out. This evidence does not appear to be forthcoming! Continue reading »

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