UKWIN member and Derby City Councillor for Sinfin Robin Turner nominated UKWIN member and Chair of Sinfin and Spondon Against INcineration (SSAIN) Simon Bacon for a Community Champions award. Continue reading »

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Campaigners are celebrating once again as the Planning Inspectorate publishes the Decision Document confirming that the attempt by Resource Recovery Solutions (RRS) to site a waste incinerator in Sinfin, Derby has failed. Continue reading »

A recent e-mail message from the Environment Agency confirms that the Isle of Wight incinerator, showcased as a model “advanced thermal treatment” facility remains closed. Continue reading »

SSAIN questions the sanity of contract giving incinerator operator control of recycling

Simon Bacon, spokesperson for Sinfin, Spondon and all Against Incineration (SSAIN) has sent out the following press release: Continue reading »

On Saturday 20th March, Chesterfield will play host to a gathering of anti-incineration campaigners from around the country when the United Kingdom Without Incineration Network (UKWIN) holds its Annual General Meeting (AGM) at the church on Spencer Street.

UKWIN is a network of 110 campaigners and campaign groups from throughout the UK. Many of these will be represented at the AGM, where they will listen to guest speaker Alan Watson deliver a presentation tracing the history of the anti-incineration movement.

Alan Watson will deliver a presentation tracing the history of the anti-incineration movement

Alan Watson will deliver a presentation tracing the history of the anti-incineration movement

Mr Watson, Director of Public Interest Consultants, is a recognised expert on waste treatment and disposal, and a former a member of Environmental Protection Advisory Committee for the Environment Agency in Wales. He previously worked for the Department of the Environment and was the senior specialist on Industry and Pollution for Friends of the Earth.

Participants will also be treated to a presentation from waste statistician Keith Kondakor about current trends in waste reduction and how to use waste data to support anti-incineration campaigning.

UKWIN’s National Coordinator, Shlomo Dowen, will explain how his High Court victory means campaigners can use the Audit Commission Act to reveal the financial arrangements behind large waste contracts.

This year’s AGM will be hosted by the local Chesterfield, Derbyshire and Derby groups.

Julie Harrington of Chesterfield Against Incineration (CAI) explains:

The event is particularly timely as a decision by Derbyshire County Council on whether to refuse planning permission for an incinerator in Chesterfield is imminent.

The planning application from the Wales-based firm Cyclamax, for a hazardous, commercial waste incinerator on Dunston Road, Chesterfield has generated an over-whelming level of public opposition from both residents and businesses, with over 11,000 objections to date, as well as opposition from every parish, town, borough and district council in the area.

The event will be an opportunity for local waste campaign groups to compare notes with others from throughout the UK. UKWIN’s National Coordinator, Shlomo Dowen, is looking forward to the event.

Gatherings like this one are always uplifting for those involved. They combine the serious work of campaigning and the joy of being with like-minded people.

According to Friends of the Earth’s Keith Kondakor:

Incineration is a false solution. Using the Earth’s finite resources more efficiently and cost-effectively demands more reuse, recycling and composting. Burning valuable materials is economic madness. We have just started on a recycling revolution in the UK that is diverting waste from landfill more quickly, more safely and less expensively than these costly, wasteful and unloved incinerator projects.

CAI’s Julie Harrington adds:

UKWIN has been a very valuable source of information and a great source of support for the campaign group, providing access to well-researched data and evidence on a range of safer and greener alternatives to gasification/incineration; experts on incineration processes and their environmental impacts; and case studies from councils across the country that have already ruled out incineration as an option in their waste strategies.

We encourage anyone interested in the subject to attend the AGM and benefit from the vast amount of knowledge and experience that UKWIN has gathered on these controversial and potentially health-damaging technologies.

Before the Planning Committee sat down to consider the application, the Government Office for the East Midlands (GOEM) issued the following direction:

In exercise of his powers under Article 14 of the Town and Country Planning (General Development Procedure) Order 1995, the Secretary of State hereby directs your council not to grant planning permission for this application without special authorisation. This Direction is issued to give the Government Office a further period in which to consider the proposals.

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Dorothy reports from Derby (on Friday 11 December):

They signed the contract today ahead of the planning application hearing next Thursday in order to put pressure on wavering Cllrs to grant permission…

The local paper has an independent planning expert saying:

If the planning committee is seen to be fettered by the council’s decision to sign the contract then they would not be doing their job properly

There will be a vigil outside the Derby Council House, Corporation St on 17th December 5pm where they are to decide the application at 6pm – All welcome, wrap up warm – the River Derwent next to council house makes the whole area cold…

The latest is that the planning applications for both Derby incinerators (called gasifiers in order to avoid the ‘I’ word) will be heard in September, possibly October… Continue reading »

Event: Community Liaison Group Vigil
What: Protest
Host: No incinerator on Sinfin Lane, Derby – our health matters!
Start Time: Thursday, May 7 at 5:45pm
End Time: Thursday, May 7 at 7:00pm
Where: Sinfin Moor Social Club


The latest CLG- Community Liaison Group for the RRS Sinfin Lane plant. Meet at 5.45pm for a vigil outside the meeting to show our continued concerns about the proposed incineration plant.

Derby City Council have been planning a waste plant for the old tannery site for some time now. Several years ago residents successfully ousted the ‘brightstar’ idea but now the issue has rose again. Derby City Council now want to put an incinerator on this site on Sinfin lane (near the railway cottages – between Rolls Royce and Ten pin).

If they put this on this site traffic will increase (approx 200 lorries A DAY!) not only causing pollution and fumes but also increasing traffic jams around this area and the barracks!

As they are planning an incinerator, this means they will burn rubbish. This rubbish will be carted in from a large section of Derbyshire. This site and area is not suitable.

Please join this group to oppose this new incinerating plant. Sinfin and Osmaston is already a heavily industrialised and polluted area. Our health and that of our families is important.

While this groups primary aim is to stop the construction of a waste gasification plant in the Sinfin and Osmaston area the reasons behind this fight equally apply to any built up area of Derby and Derbyshire.

Are you already familiar with the Waste Infrastructure Delivery Programme (WIDP)? Continue reading »

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