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Call for an incineration tax

UKWIN has launched a new campaign calling for an incineration tax to support recycling and the ‘polluter pays’ principle.

We ask that people write to their MPs along the following lines:

Dear ___ MP,

As you may be aware, on 19th May 2018 an article entitled ‘Incineration tax could boost plastic recycling’ appeared on page 2 of The Times. This article reported that: “A new tax on waste incineration is being considered by the government to help increase recycling of plastic and reduce the amount that ends up in the ocean”.

The Times article quotes your colleague Robert Jenrick MP, the exchequer secretary, as stating that: “There is an argument for changing the incentives to discourage putting further waste to incineration. We [at the Treasury] would like to see less plastic incinerated, sent to landfill or exported and more recycled.”

On the 18th of august 2018 the Treasury announced that an incineration tax was amongst four policies being considered for announcement at the November 2018 Budget as a measure to help tackle the plastics problem.

We ask that you write to Robert Jenrick in support of an incineration tax.

As noted in the briefing available from an incineration tax could:

  • Compensate for the loss of Landfill Tax revenue;
  • Support recycling and the management of waste in accordance with the Waste Hierarchy; and
  • Ensure that the price of incineration reflects the cost to society of greenhouse gas emissions from waste incinerators.

Thank you in advance for your consideration of this request.

I look forward to hearing from you.


If you don’t know who your MP is or how to contact them see for details.


Revealed: Unreported harmful emissions from English incinerators

New UKWIN report launched 17th July 2018 at the House of Lords. The Report, ‘Waste Incineration and Particulate Pollution: A Failure of Governance’ launched in the House of Lords with cross-party support from John Grogan MP (Labour), Philip Davies MP (Conservative), and Lord Tyler (Liberal Democrat Peer).

The following documents are available in electronic format:

The report reveals:

  • Incinerators exceed pollution reporting thresholds for particulates, but do due to a loophole the public is not informed of particulate emissions;
  • Levels of emissions of harmful particulate matter and NOx and associated costs to society; and
  • A lack of regulation, with official guidance ignored.

The report shows that particulate matter released by English incinerators in 2017 is equivalent to particulate matter emitted by more than a quarter of a million 40-tonne lorries travelling 75,000 miles a year, and the NOx emissions released by English incinerators in 2017 equate to around 80,000 lorries travelling 75,000 miles a year.

The report calls for:

  • The development and implementation of accurate systems to measure particulate matter released by incinerators, accompanied by proper enforcement;
  • Stricter control of PM1 emissions;
  • The introduction of an incineration tax; and
  • A moratorium on new waste incineration capacity.

Click here to read about what has been said about the report.

Incinerator moratorium update

A big thank you to the many people who asked their MP to support the call for a moratorium on new incineration capacity. This action was a great success, helping raise the profile of the problems caused by incineration. Early Day Motion 581 has now been signed by representatives of all of the political parties active in Westminster. Click here to see which MPs called for a moratorium on new incineration capacity!

Supporting information

UKWIN has produced briefing documents to support the campaign:

…Also see UKWIN’s Response to ESA Briefing (.pdf).

About the UK Without Incineration Network

UKWIN is a not-for-profit established in 2007 to support the national campaign against waste incineration and to promote sustainable approaches to waste management. See Why Oppose Page for additional arguments against waste incineration.

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