Peter Jones (the Senior Consultant for Eunomia, not the director of Waste2Tricity) has drawn attention to the importance of the European Commission to the national waste discussion in a contribution to the Isonomia blog (‘Reading the resource roadmap’). Isonomia aims to “promote informed discussion of a diversity of views on waste and environment issues” by allowing waste industry professionals and others to provide their own opinions. Continue reading »

In its fifth statutory report to Parliament on progress towards meeting carbon budgets the Committee on Climate Change has suggested that: “…Further reductions in waste emissions could be supported through introduction of stronger levers, particularly targeting household food waste, which is likely to continue to be a major contributor to future landfill emissions. For example, households can be further encouraged to reduce waste arisings and increase recycling efforts. Local authorities can increase provision of separate food waste collection services, which can further unlock potential for producing energy through anaerobic digestion…”. Continue reading »

The consultation for the Targets Review Project has now been launched by the European Commission, with responses needed by the 10th of September 2013. The consultation document is a broad-ranging investigation into the future of waste management which could result in a genuine move away from incineration and towards higher legally binding recycling targets across the EU, and everyone with an interest in true Zero Waste should be encouraged to take part.
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The fourth issue of Eunomia’s Residual Waste Infrastructure Review is out, and it shows that there has been an increase in incineration capacity at a time when residual waste arisings have been falling. If one combines Eunomia’s central forecast with the 2015 and 2020 trends for English waste arisings set out in the Government’s February 2013 paper Forecasting 2020 waste arisings and treatment capacity then there is an estimation that there will be more residual waste treatment capacity than residual waste arisings by 2015 (see chart, below). Continue reading »

Below are a number of online incineration-related petitions that our members have made us aware of.  Continue reading »

The recently released Confederation of Paper Industries (CPI) 2012-13 review raises concerns regarding the detrimental impact on recycling of incineration overcapacity and long-term waste contracts. Alongside this, CIWEM have raised concerns that existing economic drivers give rise to the incineration of material that could be dealt with in the top tiers of the waste management hierarchy.

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Rossano Ercolini was awarded the 2013 Goldman Environmental Prize for his leadership in a grassroots campaign educating Italian communities on the merits of zero waste. Continue reading »

Local campaigners opposing the ~600ktpa incinerator at Rookery Pit in Bedfordshire wish to make people aware of an opportunity to listen to Paul Connett and Jane Green speak about incineration and Zero Waste on the 3rd of June 2013: Continue reading »

It is that time again. Time to make people aware of the United Kingdom Without Incineration Network’s Annual General Meeting (AGM).

The theme for this year is “Mainstreaming the message: Publicising our perspective and celebrating our campaign victories”. Previous UKWIN themes include: “Zero waste to burn, zero time to waste” and “Campaigning positively against incineration”. Continue reading »

In addition to existing resources such as the Guide to Site-Specific Non-Waste Planning Policies (PDF) and the Quote Bank and other useful documents, the Resources section of the UKWIN website now feature two new items of potential interest for our members. Continue reading »

2013 ZWE Conference #1According to a report from GAIA, “More than 300 people – including many members of the European Parliament; mayors and local decision-makers from across Europe; members of the European Parliament; Janez Potocnik, European Commissioner for the Environment; and Oscar-winning actor Jeremy Irons – came together for the first Zero Waste Europe Conference in the European Parliament on 7 March 2013 – by far the most successful zero waste event in Europe to date.” Continue reading »

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