The European Commission has adopted proposals including a target of 70% recycling of municipal waste by 2030. These legislative proposals will now pass to the European Council and the European Parliament. Continue reading »

Join Biofuelwatch, UKWIN and local campaigners for protests at the Green Investment Bank’s two Annual Review events in London on 25th and Edinburgh on 26th June. Continue reading »

The sixth issue of Eunomia’s Residual Waste Infrastructure Review is out, and it shows that there has been further increases in incineration capacity at a time when residual waste arisings have been falling. If one combines Eunomia’s forecasts with the 2015 and 2020 trends for English waste arisings set out in the Government’s February 2013 paper Forecasting 2020 waste arisings and treatment capacity then there is an estimation that there will be more residual waste treatment capacity than residual waste arisings from around 2015/16 (see chart, below). If one were to look at whether there was more capacity operational and under construction than genuinely residual waste then we already have overcapacity.
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Big drop in landfilling

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Jun 032014

Landfill Tax data released by HMRC shows that landfilling of household, industrial and commercial waste in the UK continues to fall. Continue reading »

Many ask EFRACOM for more recycling, less incineration

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May 202014

UKWIN has provided written evidence to the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee’s inquiry into Waste Management in England. Continue reading »

On the 26th of February 2014 the Government published a revised version of ‘Energy from Waste – a guide to the debate’, a document which is intended “to provide a starting point for discussions about the role energy from waste might have in managing waste”.

The Government’s EfW Guide is available from:

Importantly, the Government has added Chapter 5 “which considers the future policy direction for energy from waste”. According to the Guide, “This chapter does not set out any new policy but identifies underlying principles that are likely to continue as key considerations for both government and the sector in the future”. Continue reading »

guarantees-power-station-big-300x210On Wednesday 18 December at 2pm Biofuelwatch, Friends of the Earth, UK Without Incineration Network (UKWIN) and Campaign Against Climate Change will deliver a joint letter calling on the Treasury to drop biomass electricity and waste incineration projects from their short list of ‘pre-qualified’ projects for preferential loan guarantee support under the UK Guarantee Scheme.

The press release is here
The joint letter is here

Issue 5 of Eunomia’s Residual Waste Infrastructure Review was published on the 28th of November 2013. The Report reveals both residual waste treatment overcapacity and the constraining effect of long-term waste management contracts on recycling.
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Grundon’s planning application for a 90ktpa incinerator on Shore Road, near Perth Prison, was first refused in 2009 and its appeal was rejected by Scottish Ministers in November 2010. Grundon then submitted an amended planning application that was refused in February 2012, and on the 19th of August 2013 the appeal for this amended application was also rejected by Scottish Ministers. It is hoped that Grundon will accept this decision rather than launching a legal challenge or submitting yet another amended application. Continue reading »

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