UKWIN is an independent organisation representing a network of groups opposing the expansion of waste incineration in the UK. The aim of the Network is to provide information and act as a coordinating focus for local community groups and members of the public who are campaigning against the building of incinerators or facilities to produce Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) or Solid Recovered Fuel (SRF) in the UK.

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UKWIN aims to:
• Provide an information resource on incineration, including the manufacture and use of refuse derived fuels, and will also include signposts to sustainable alternatives to incineration.
• Provide a website which will have as an essential function the provision of a library (defined as a catalogue of sources of information) to which members of the Network may make contributions.http://ukwin.org.uk/
• Provide an email contact list, and host an email discussion forum for members of the Network.
• Act as a first point of contact, including a non-website contact facility (phone number and postal address), for persons and organisations enquiring about issues in connection with incineration, and thus able to handle enquiries passed on by members of the Network and other environmental organisations.

Membership is free of charge, donations are gratefully accepted.

To join UKWIN please click the ‘Join’ button at the top of this webpage, or click here – complete and send the simple form.

Current UKWIN Directors:
Chair – Callum MacKenzie
Vice Chair (International Affairs) – Mariel Vilella
Secretary – Shlomo Dowen
Vice Secretary – Martin Osment
Treasurer – Paul Cullen
Vice Treasurer – Neil Pitcairn
Outreach Officer – Neil Pitcairn
Technical Adviser – Tim Hill
Directors – Josh Dowen, Nick Mattey and Craig Nicol
Membership Secretary – Vacant (volunteer welcome)

Other UKWIN Roles:

UKWIN’s Media Contact (Spokesperson) and National Coordinator – Shlomo Dowen
Technical Adviser – Tim Hill


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