Congratulations are in order for UKWIN and others campaigning for Zero Waste. UKWIN’s National Coordinator, Shlomo Dowen, achieved 8th place in Resource Magazine’s annual Hot 100 poll of the industry’s biggest influencers.

UKWIN would like to thank all those who cast their vote for Shlomo. We are also keen to congratulate our colleagues:

The ‘Hot 100’ recognition comes as UKWINners celebrate the tenth anniversary of the Network. UKWIN was founded in 2007 as an umbrella organisation for those opposing incineration because of adverse impacts on recycling, climate, resource security, health and the environment. Over the past decade, working with our 150 member groups and our most active campaigners, UKWIN has helped stop at least 60 incinerators that would have burnt at least 10 million tonnes of waste per year.

UKWIN helped establish more than 60 local anti-incineration groups covering the length and breadth of England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland and supports local communities by providing advice and guidance, by acting as an information-sharing network, and by working nationally to move policy and public opinion towards sustainable alternatives.

Those interested in donating to UKWIN can visit

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