Speaking about the appointment of Rory Stewart MP as Parliamentary Under Secretary with responsibility for ‘resource and environmental management’ the National Coordinator of the United Kingdom Without Incineration Network (UKWIN), Shlomo Dowen, said:

Locking our valuable materials into incineration is a serious long-term risk to UK resource security. Government-subsidised and Government-sanctioned incineration overcapacity harms the markets for recycling and reduces the marginal benefits of waste minimisation and re-use schemes, causing significant environmental harm. As such, UKWIN calls on the new Resource minister to work with us and his colleagues in Government to develop an incineration exit strategy that will allow for a move to a zero waste circular economy.

Those concerned about waste incineration can make their thoughts and feelings known to the new Resource Minister by writing to him at: rory.stewart.mp@parliament.uk

2 Responses to “UKWIN calls on new Resource Minister to stop incineration”

  1. I am disgusted that we have been told we are having an incinerator and a gassification plant 2 miles from our home, so we are going to have to move away, we have to sell 3 family homes and 3 businesses and move 3 lovely contended happy children from the school they love, in weldon near corby northants. we dont know where we are going to have to move to and cant stop crying, we do not want our children to grow up near this pollution which has been proven to cause birth defects, heart disease, and asthma. please please help us put a stop to this. otherwise we may have to move abroad to breathe.

  2. Waste incinerator/gasification plants are NOT the answer ! Let’s move further up the waste hierarchy and improve all recycling. This is possible and very achievable.

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