Trafford Council’s planning committee voted unanimously to reject Peel’s proposal for a 200,000 tonne incinerator, described by Peel as the “Barton Energy Plant”, which would have primarily burned waste wood.

The proposal was submitted in December 2010 for the Land to the South of Manchester Ship Canal and West of Barton Bridge, Davyhulme, Urmston, Trafford and was opposed by the Breathe Clean Air Group (BCAG) and Biofuelwatch. Peel now have 3 months to decide whether they intend to appeal the decision, which would result in a public inquiry.

It was proposed that the incinerator would burn 90% biomass (70-75% “waste wood”, some of which is potentially from civic municipal facilities, and “15-25% from other plant-derived biomass, such as managed forestry residues, energy crops and agricultural residues”) and solid recovered fuel.

“Last night’s decision vindicates all the hard work undertaken by the Breathe Clean Air Group” said chairman Pete Kilvert. “We have worked tirelessly to ensure that our case was based on strong scientific evidence. We are thrilled that the whole community stood together and wish to thank all the Councillors who spoke out against the plant last night. This is an historic victory for the people of Urmston”

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The residents of Urmston are celebrating the first round victory of their campaign to stop the controversial Barton Renewable Energy Plant. At the same time, the Parliamentary Environmental Audit Commission is saying “the Government’s failure to meet EU standards on air pollution is putting the health of UK residents at risk”.

Nationally, the Government accepts that air pollution takes seven or eight months off Briton’s life expectancy. But for the 200,000 people most directly affected, the shortfall is two years!

Breathe Clean Air Group chairman, Pete Kilvert said:

We are pleased that the Government recognise there is a problem with air pollution. Here in Urmston, we have run a robust campaign against the Incinerator, based on up-to-the-minute, scientific research. We are very pleased that Urmston residents have understood the risks and support us, and we are thrilled that Trafford Councillors spoke against the plant so convincingly, at the Planning Committee meeting. However, this is only the first hurdle. In January, the Environment Agency will consider if BREP is given the necessary permit to operate. And as Peel Energy is likely to make an appeal to the Government, the campaign continues.

Meanwhile, the latest report from Greenpeace in Canada is arguing that the recent popularity of using biomass as an energy source has outgrown its original design and now threatens Canada’s forests and their ability to help stop climate change.

3 Responses to “Peel’s 200,000 tonne incinerator rejected in Urmston”

  1. I wish we could have the samething here,we already have an incinerator,its a cement works owned by LAFARGE.
    They burn chipped tyres and SLF now they want to burn human pelletised waste,we have put in complaints to SEPA and nothing has been done.
    We have this all on camera timed and dated,our pictures show quite clearly that this company breach every rule in the book of health and safety.
    Now they are wanting to build a massive incinerator right nextdoor to the one we have now,the people and the East Lothian Council objected it,there was a public inquiry and the reporter backed it and the Scottish government seems to have agreed and over ruled the people.

    The one proposed is from VIRIDOR,it will burn about 400 tonnes of waste per year,it will come from all over central Scotland and Northern England,it has all went quiet in the last year,but i think it will be in the next year that they intend to build it.

    This company have also breached every rule,we have it all caught on camera,again SEPA have failed to do anything about it, to make matters worse these two incinerators are only i mile and a half from my village known as INNERWICK in the East Lammermuirs just South East of DUNBAR.
    We dont need anymore infact they should shutdown this cement works now,it has damaged our health and environment as it is.

    Alexander Lough,
    East Lothian,

  2. I suggest that Alexander Lough uses FoI to ask Annette Stuart, of the Public Health & Wellbeing Directorate in Edinburgh to send him a copy of my 2008 letter to Alex Salmond MSP, and all the enclosures and also a copy of Ms Stuart’s 3-page reply to me which boiled down to “the Health Protection Agency has told us that there’s no harm to health, so get lost”.

    Look out for confirmation that Alex Salmond knows what’s going on at end of Rob Edwards’ piece:

  3. I’ve written to Annette Stuart this afternoon about the above and hope to get answer next week.

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