UKWIN member and Derby City Councillor for Sinfin Robin Turner nominated UKWIN member and Chair of Sinfin and Spondon Against INcineration (SSAIN) Simon Bacon for a Community Champions award. Award winners will be invited to a ceremony at Pride Park Stadium on Sunday 22nd May 2011.

According to the Derby Telegraph Simon’s nomination is in honour of his anti-incineration campaigning efforts, which succeeded – with the help of Derby Friends of the Earth and others – in preventing an incinerator from being built in Derby (see Derby Inquiry Victory).

Simon’s research informed the evidence he gave to the public inquiry, as Councillor Robin Turner explains:

In his own time Simon has dedicated himself to the cause of improving the way domestic waste is dealt with. He has carried out extensive and time-consuming research into the benefits or harm to the community that different ways of dealing with waste can produce.

Simon has now put forward ideas to show how Derby and Derbyshire could manage their waste without resorting to incineration. In a separate article the Derby Telegraph reports:

Simon Bacon, head of Sinfin and Spondon Against Incineration (SSAIN), the campaign group that battled against the Sinfin plans, wants household waste recycling rates in Derby and Derbyshire to hit 70% by 2015.

Simon is reported as saying:

With the help of a national policy to cut down on non-recyclable materials, the remaining waste could be sent to landfill. Full recycling must be a priority across the city and county and there is clearly the funding to do so as the councils had agreed to invest £50 million in construction of the Sinfin waste plant. Once recycling is in place, and people know what they are doing, these things come naturally. Some areas of the UK are over 60% recycling now, so it’s a simple target.

This view is backed by the Planning Inspector, Ruth V MacKenzie, who wrote in her decision document that:

In view of successes elsewhere in the UK, I consider SSAIN’s and FOE’s long-term aspiration of a 70% recycling rate to be realistic. Basing a waste strategy on a 55% recycling level when, within the life-span of the proposed WTF [incinerator], much higher recycling levels could be achieved gives me some cause for concern.

The quantity of waste nationwide is reducing, largely because of decreases in excess packaging and increases in re-use, recycling and composting; a trend that is replicated in Derbyshire…I accept that there is a limit to the extent of waste minimisation that can be achieved…[but] there is no reason to suppose that the downwards trend in the amount of municipal waste in Derbyshire will come to a halt in the foreseeable future. Much will depend upon the amount of effort the Councils decide to put into the promotion and encouragement of waste prevention and minimisation.

Just days after the award ceremony Simon expects to be at Birmingham Administrative Court to hear Resource Recovery Solutions (RRS) challenge the process behind the planning inspector’s decision to refuse them permission to build an incinerator in Derby’s Sinfin ward.

The Derby Telegraph once again quotes Simon, who described the planning inspector’s decision as ‘sound’, as saying:

What RRS expect to get out of this is a mystery to me. It seems the inspector came to a reasonable decision based on the issues, traffic for example.

UKWIN is hoping Simon will scoop the Community Champion’s award that he deserves, and that the people of Derby (and technically the Secretary of State Eric Pickles) will enjoy their victory over RSS all over again.

One Response to “SSAIN Simon to be saluted next Sunday?”

  1. Thanks for the continued support by UKWIN which is a great aid in our battles. Sadly I was not successful in gaining an award as a community champion – there were 175 nominees for 14 awards which covered many areas of society and many issues. I am most thankful to be put forward for the award by Cllr Robin Turner who was a fellow rule 6 party at the Derby inquiry.
    In relation to the RRS court case in Birmingham on 25th May due to work commitments I am unable to attend but a number of members will be attending the case and intend to play any part they can at the court case.

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