UKWIN has produced a Waste Wood Biomass Objection Template that relies, in part, on research carried out for the Wood Panel Industries Federation. The objection template sets out a series of material planning considerations that support the refusal of planning permission for (biomass) facilities that use waste wood for feedstock.

Applications for Energy Recovery facilities that would rely upon material that could viably be recycled go against the waste hierarchy and therefore conflict with one of PPS10’s core objectives. By going against the waste hierarchy, a grant of permission for such applications would conflict with the policy objective enshrined in PPS10, and therefore such applications should be refused.

According to research (see template for references), although the burning of timber is virtually carbon neutral over the lifecycle in comparison to fossil fuels, when compared to wood panel manufacture it is a significantly greater source of CO2 emissions.

The CO2 emissions from the wood panel industry equate to 378kg CO2 per tonne of timber processed. In comparison, the CO2 emissions from the biomass industry consuming domestically sourced timber equates to 1905kg CO2 per tonne of timber processed. We note the difference between 378kg and 1905kg equates to 1527kg of CO2 per tonne of timber processed (or 1.527 tonnes of CO2 per tonne of timber processed).

These figures can be used to calculate the C02 emissions of any proposed biomass facility, and this figure can be compared with the equivalent C02 emissions if the waste wood were used to make wood panels to arrive at a figure for relative C02 savings of panels instead of incineration.

We hope this template will be of use to groups opposing any proposal for a facility that would rely on waste wood for feedstock.

Make Wood Work is a national campaign aimed at securing the long-term future of wood panel manufacturing in the UK. The future competitiveness of the industry is under threat – due to distortion of an already fragile wood supply and demand balance in the UK, caused by subsidies available to the energy generators under the Government’s Renewables Obligation.

Further information about wood panelling can be found at the Make Wood Work website.

2 Responses to “Waste Wood Biomass Objection Template”

  1. We certainly need to put wood burning into perspective. It might be “carbon neutral” compared to fossil fuels, but it sure produces tonnes of carbon dioxide. And it takes away the earth’s ability to absorb CO2. The more sinister problem is the ill-health affect of the Particulate Matter (especially PM1) produced (children at great RISK).

    In Davyhulme, Greater Manchester, Peel Energy has submitted a planning application to build the (biomass-burning) Barton Renewable Energy Plant. They say that a “well run”, modern plant will not pollute. And in any case, the Environment Agency will monitor constantly. Bollocks. That’s why the Breathe Clean Air Group was formed to try to stop this plant.

    We have been actively distributing leaflets and collecting signatures. Writing letters to the planners and EA. We held a “Balloon Release” (to signify the direction of the airborne pollution), a “Flash Mob Freeze” in the local shopping area holding up umbrellas (to signify protection from the pollution) and a protest march/rally attended by 600 people.

    We hope UKWIN members visit our website and sign the petition. And we know that the policy of burning wood is a National Govt policy which has to change. Together we can change this devastating policy. Pete

  2. Can I draw members attention to our website, as I though it would be added with the main comment. Thank you, Pete

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