New articles, written by UKWIN, have appeared on the Discussion Point and Urban Mines Think Spot websites.

The Discussion Point piece was written by UKWIN Chair Tim Hill.

Discussion Point is a website that publishes unedited articles from prominent contributors, enabling readers to comment. UKWIN was approached by Discussion Point Founder Chris Smith following the Independent’s front page coverage of the incineration issue in December 2010 [as described elsewhere on the UKWIN website].

Describing the Discussion Point website, Founder and Editor-in-Chief Chris Smith says:

Discussion Point was founded as an alternative to today’s media. Our objective is simple – to enable the people usually at the centre of the news to make their opinions and views known to as wide an audience as possible without the bias so frequently imposed by our modern day media organisations. We publish articles from prominent, reputable people and endeavour to gather opinions from as wide a base as possible. We are not affiliated to any political party or organisation with any political affiliation. We commit to ensuring that we will place no bias on any content within our publication. We won’t omit any valid viewpoint and equal billing will be given to all. Most importantly – the readers of Discussion Point will be able to come to their own conclusions.

Urban Mines describes itself as:

an environmental consultancy and charity committed to finding innovative solutions for resources in a manner which values people and respects the earth. Working with the public and private sectors, the aim of Urban Mines is to provide information, expert advice, support, direction and financial solutions to waste, energy, and climate change problems.

Their ThinkSpot facility provides a space for “movers and shakers” in the sustainable waste management sector to express their views in order to provoke thought and discussion. Urban Mines gives this opportunity by invitation to a new author each month, and past “ThinkSpots” are added to their archive. Past contributors include Becky Slater, Ray Georgeson and Peter Jones.

UKWIN Coordinator Shlomo Dowen’s contribution is currently featured on the Urban Mines ThinkSpot.

Please read both of these articles, and feel free to leave comments and inspire some healthy discussion and some quality thinking…

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