The GMB, described as Britain’s General Union, has announced that millions of households across the UK could face disruption to bin collection and other public services as Veolia’s entire workforce consider strike action over cuts in staff and pay.

If GMB, a union representing 700,000 members, is not successful at meetings to avert Veolia’s proposed cuts GMB officials will be going to the GMB Central Executive Council (CEC) seeking authority for a strike ballot to take place to oppose these cuts.

GMB members employed on bin collection, recycling and other local public services provided by private contractor Veolia will be balloted for strike action if meeting with the company over threatened cuts in staff and pay fail to get the proposals stopped.

Veolia has issued an official HR1 form putting Veolia public service contract workers on 90 days notice of their intention to unilaterally make them redundant, dismiss them and re-engage them on lesser terms and conditions.

Veolia workers are employed on 197 contracts all across the UK doing a wide variety of jobs under contract to councils.

Rehana Azam, GMB National Officer said:

What Veolia is doing is completely unacceptable and will not be accepted by the many GMB members working on these contracts. Veolia management’s decision to make their employees bear the brunt of the squeeze on Government funding is just not on.

GMB members are concerned about the company’s unilateral announcement of redundancies and changes in terms of conditions and employment. The threat is that Veolia employees will be dismissed and re-engaged on worse terms and conditions.

GMB is seeking a series of meetings with Veolia and intend meeting management in the next few days. If we are not successful in these meetings I will be going to the GMB Central Executive Council (CEC) seeking authority for a strike ballot to take place to oppose these cuts.

Veolia should work closely with GMB, not alienate the workforce. The collapse of Connaught last week has made workers at Veolia understandably jumpy and these redundancy notices will do nothing for confidence or morale. If Veolia feels changes are needed, for whatever reason, they should be upfront about speaking to the workforce reps before this type of action.

The full list of 197 local Veolia contracts known so far where a change to terms and conditions are threatened: Acton; AKOP Frigg; Albion L’fill; Alton – MRF; Amber Valley; Armoury Road; AWE Aldermaston; AZ Mansfield; BAE Broughton; BAE Samlesbury; BAE Systems; BASF Seal Sands; Basildon Haz; Basingstoke; Battlefield (Shrewsbury, Shropshire); Bedwas; Beighton; Berwick; Bidston; Blackpool; Bradford; Brent; Brentwood; Bridgenorth; Bristol; Broadland; Bromborough; Bromley; Brownhills; Burnley; Bury; Bushywarren; Cambridge WMC; Camden; Candles L’fill; Cardiff; Chester; Chesterfield; Chineham ERF; Chorley; Colchester LSCP; Conoco Phillips; Crawley; Croft Farm; Croydon; Croydon Mun; Darlaston; Derby; Derby Dales; Dewsbury; Durham WMC; Ealing; East Cambs; East Coast; East Hampshire; East Lindsey; Eastbourne; Eastwood; Ellesmere Port; Elmbridge; Empire; Esso Fawley; Falkirk; Folkestone; Four Ashes; GE Heath A’sham; Gerrards Cross; Gillmoss; GKN Sankey Site; GKN Yeovil; Glaxo B-Castle; Glaxo Ware; Grangemouth; Greenwich; GSK Irvine; GSK Worthing; Harlow; Hastings; Hereford; Highmoor; Highpeak; Hinckley; Hollingdean; Hull; Huyton; IMS BP Coryton; IMS B Saltend; IMS Brokering; IMS Chevron; IMS GSK Crawley; IMS Ineous Gran; Kings Lynn; Kingston-Chapel; L’Pool Canada D; LambethPassT’sp; Landfill Efford; Linghall; Lower Bank View; L’pool – Garsto; Ludlow; Lumley Street; Manchester; Manor Place; Marchw’d Marine; Marchwood ERF; Marchwood Haula; Medway; Merton; Minosus; Mole Valley; Newton Abbott; North Essex CA; North Hampshire; North Herts; North Landfill; Northampton; North’ld Wharf; Norwood; Nottingham; Nottinghamshire; Ockendon; Olympic Site; Oswestry; Otterbourne; Paulsgrove; Pebsham; Pitsea L’fill; Pontypool; Portmouth-Dund; Portsmouth QRd; Preston; Prt of L’pool B; Rainham L’fill; Rainham T/S; Redbourn ISD; Redbourn Plant; Redfern Street; Regents Park; Richmond; Rochester; Rushmoor; Sabic; SandyLane; Scunthorpe; Sefton; Sefton Meadows; SELCHP; Shell Stanlow; Shepway; Shoreham; Somerley L’fill; South Downs; South Kesteven; South Sefton; Southport; Southwark; St Albans; St Helens; Stewartby; Stoke; Stone; Strat Upon Avon; Stroud; Tameside; TATS; Teesside Plant; Telford; Tening; Thurrock; Tinsley Park; Ton & Malling; Tower Hamlets; Trafford; Trelogan; Tullos Aberdeen; TWM Bostik; TWM Celsa; TWM Conocco; TWM Degussa; TWM Sanofi; Tyseley; Uttlesford; Vale of White Horse; Veolia House; Warrington; Waverley; Wellington; Wem; Wembley; West Berkshire; West Oxford; West Somerset; Westminster; Windsor; Windsor & Maid; Witham; Wycombe

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  1. This is typical of veolia, they got rid of me after making me believe my job was secure, they did the same with my contract manager previously, their strategy then was to put the backstabing french in charge and gave no one a chance to defend their position or appeal being summarily sacked without going through their own procedures or those laid down by the LRA.
    AMICUS member

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