In an article entitled: Friends of the Earth campaigner calls for Government to end PFI investment in ‘dying’ incineration technology MRW reports on a recent presentation delivered by senior Friends of the Earth campaigner Dr Michael Warhurst.

The presentation was delivered on 14th July 2010 to the Associate Parliamentary Sustainable Resource Group (APSRG) at their ‘Priorities for Parliament: Sustainable Resources for a Sustainable Society’ event.

Dr Warhurst called on the new Government to scrap PFI investment because it leads to “expensive, inflexible incineration”, which he described as a “dying” technology.

We’re wasting money on the wrong infrastructure. We have a situation at the moment where many councils are wasting billions building expensive, inflexible and climate-damaging incineration. It’s a technology that’s dying, but is taking rather a long time to die.

According to the MRW article, Warhurst called for a more cost-effective method of waste infrastructure finance, which would not lead to the construction of incineration plants.

Speaking on behalf of Friends of the Earth, he said:

In our view, PFIs should be abandoned because they’re a very expensive way of building things. And the contracts should be much shorter, say, 5-10 years, because the right infrastructure can be built with short contracts, such as anaerobic digestion plants, residual waste, composting and separation

The MRW article goes on to describe how these comments were echoed by Local Government Association programme director for environment and planning Martin Wheatley, who called for a “radical look at new forms of relationship between councils and the private sector”.

Download Dr Warhurst’s APSRG presentation [PDF]

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