On Tuesday the 15th of June activists from Leicester Friends of the Earth, Loughborough Friends of the Earth, the Shepshed Anti-incinerator Group (SAIG) and the Ellistown & Battleflat lobbied Leicestershire County Council’s cabinet meeting, to urge them to think again about plans for a giant incinerator to burn the County’s waste.

Some protesters wore gas masks to highlight concerns about the dangerous emissions that an incinerator could produce.

The cabinet meeting was considering a report from the County Council’s Scrutiny Commission regarding how the procurement process has been carried out so far. They were also considering plans being put forward by the three companies bidding for the contract. One of these bidders, Biffa, have already announced plans for an incinerator near Shepshed, to burn 300,000 tons of rubbish annually, but the proposals being put forward by the other two have not yet been made public and, although some protesters were allowed to attend the first part of the cabinet meeting considering the scrutiny report, they were excluded from the discussion on the bids, on grounds of “commercial sensitivity”.

Malcolm Hunter, a spokesperson for Leicester Friends of the Earth, said:

We agree with the County Council that we need to stop sending waste to landfill, but incineration is old fashioned, dirty and wasteful. Newer and more environmentally friendly technologies now exist, which can separate unsorted waste, to recover lots of valuable materials and then digest the organic material such as paper and food waste, to produce methane gas, for use as a fuel and fertilizer as a by-product. As well as being less wasteful, this process does not produce dangerous emissions and is more flexible. This greater flexibility would allow several smaller plants to be built, spreading traffic loads.

And the anti-incineration action has attracted much coverage in the local and regional press, including:
Mass opposition to an incinerator and Anti-waste incinerator group staging protest and Gas-mask protesters set to fight incinerator plans.

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