MVV Umwelt held an exhibition in Plymouth on Monday 8 February (at Ernesettle) and on Tuesday 9 February (near Devonport Dockyard) to display their plans for their two proposals for incineration in Plymouth. Notification was by an ad in the local paper on the previous Wednesday; despite this there was a very good turnout by Ernesettle residents on Monday, who made their feelings known with a range of very pertinent questions, leaving MVV Umwelt in no doubt that they would face a fight.

The Devonport site is attracting less opposition as it has come into the picture late in the day, but residents are starting to come together as they realise the implications.

Stuart and I had been to Ivybridge to hear Paul Connett’s inspiring presentation on 3 February and we were delighted to see Neil Tugwell of the Ivybridge anti-incinerator campaign at Ernesettle.

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