Residents of the Leicestershire village of Shepshed have formed a campaign group, known appropriately as the Shepshed Against Incinerator Group (SAIG). SAIG have launched a website at and a Facebook page at

Their website explains:

The Shepshed Against Incinerator Group (SAIG) was formed to campaign against the proposal to build a Waste Incinerator at Newhurst Quarry Shepshed. We believe that everyone has the right to breathe clean, fresh air, free from the toxins that would be emitted from an incinerator, should one be built. The emissions would eventually fall to earth contaminating soil and polluting the environment.

SAIG are asking supporters to sign their petition and to submit planning objections to Biffa’s application (Application Number: 2009/2497/02). Details of the application are available from the Leicestershire County Council website, and Leicestershire’s adopted Waste Core Strategy is also available.

Shepshed Town Council will be holding a hastily arranged and under-publicised public meeting about the incinerator at 7.00pm today (Wednesday 10th February 2010) at the Council offices on Charnwood Road, and Leicestershire County Council plan to hold a Public meeting to discuss Biffa’s incinerator plans on Monday evening 8th March 2010 at Shepshed High School, from 7pm.

3 Responses to “Shepshed residents organise to stop incinerator”

  1. I wish this group well.
    In Derby we attended Ecofest in the summer and had a stand promoting our fight against two proposed gasifying incineration plants. While there one day a lady visited our stand who lived close to Shepshed and was visably upset by the proposals and even suggested she lay awake at night worrying about the Shepshed proposal – now that is just plain wrong !

  2. I feel Shepshed is struggling enough without having this incinerator. Shepshed has already become a domitory town with no decent shops or leisure facilies, just pubs and hairdressers. I used to belong to the Shepshed/Domont twinning society and if it’s still ongoing I don’t think French people would want to come here any more. An incinerator should not be allowed so close to a town such as this, better use could be made of this land. It could be landscaped, it is part of Charnwood Forest. We are already close to the M1 and suffer from noise polution so the smells and toxic fumes from this tip would be the end of Shpeshed, house prices would plummet. We are living in an area of beautiful countryside and we need to make the most of this asset, not ruin it.

  3. I myself feel that Shepshed is being used as a dumping ground. Shepshed is in a lovely part of the country,if the powers to be are serious about creating a national forest then why not show there commitment to the scheme & stop this now.
    Lets face it the people in so called power have done nothing to help Shepshed out of the gloom & doom, so why should they bother about us now.
    Would these people want this on there door step NO, lets propose that they have it built nearer to them & see what there colleagues think of the scheme then.
    Oh yes & dont forget they will be after your VOTES soon come the elections.

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