Researcher and health campaigner Mike Ryan has raised the alarm after receiving a letter from Justin McCracken. In the letter, the Chief Executive of the Health Protection Agency (HPA) admits that they have not studied the rate of illness or premature deaths at electoral ward level around any incinerator.

Download letter from the HPA’s Chief Executive, Justin McCracken

According to Ryan:

This topples the whole house of cards whereby the planning authorities rely on the Primary Care Trusts (PCTs) who in turn rely on the HPA. How can the HPA claim that incinerators don’t cause any harm to human health when they’ve not examined relevant health and mortality data?

While the public is given assurances, no local health studies are undertaken, and the public health data that is available is not examined.

Planning consultants appear to simply copy and paste from one report to another – with the same text used for planning submissions in diverse locations (e.g. RPS supplied clients in Exeter, Rufford (Rainworth), Dublin and Runcorn with the very same Health Impact Assessment (HIA).

Compare two of these HIA conclusions here.

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2 Responses to “Local Health Studies Myth Debunked”

  1. Mike Ryan is to be congratulated on wringing this admiission out of the HPA. UKWIN is to be congratulated on publicising the fact. (I’ve seen copy of the letter, and cannot understand how the HPA can be so brazen and yet get away with it). I do hope that every objector to every enviromental permit, PFI submiission, or planning application for an incinerator, will quote the letter’s contents. I also hope everyone will ask the HPA for an explanation.
    UKWIN is the way to get your message across successfully.
    Let’s be honest though.If we want to influence UKWIN’s policies, we must join, not complain bitterly FROM THE OUTSIDE.

  2. As a UKWIN full member (NAIL2), can we say well done to Michael Ryan..who is further exposing tenaciously the obvious lack of epidemiological studies underpinning so called “non bad news reports on modern incinerators” by HPA cascading to PCTs, WDAs, Defra, DBerr, DECC,DoH and the Environment Agency. PM2.5s, PM2.5s, PM2.5s..”there is no safe threshold, especially exotic incinerator types(Connett)(VSteenis)(Montanari) (6 cities studies follow up)

    Michael Ryan backs up his research with up-to-date peer review studies from the US, UK, Japan and Italy

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