On Friday 9th January 2009 Nottinghamshire County Council’s Planning Committee voted 10 to 1 not to object to Veolia’s planning application for a Sherwood Forest incinerator. PAIN is joined by Sherwood MP Paddy Tipping and Newark and Sherwood District Council in requesting that Government Office for the East Midlands (GOEM) calls in this ‘decision’ and sets up a public inquiry.

The gallery was packed with protesters, including more than 90 members of People Against Incineration (PAIN) and several representatives of fellow anti-incineration groups including the Ellistown Action Group (Leicestershire), Dorothy from Derby and Nigel from Nottingham, and of course Keith Kondakor (who seems to cover much of the Midlands!).

Special thanks go out to everyone who continues to support the efforts of PAIN to prevent a waste incinerator being built on a greenfield site in Sherwood Forest, Rainworth, Nottinghamshire.

Some excellent presentations were delivered against the incinerator application (copies available upon request), and by lunch time we were confident that we were winning on points. But after lunch everything changed – with false statements coming from the Planning Officer and no opportunity to set the record straight! This was most frustrating to say the least.

The Nottinghamshire County Councillors on the Planning Committee, with one notable exception (Liberal Democrat Brian Wombwell), seemed confused and out of touch with planning law. One dismissed the need to pay attention to “all those PPSs and JSP’s”. The Planning Officer announced that UK (sic) Waste Policy conflicts with European policy regarding energy recovery, and that elected members should choose between UK and EU policy!

In the end some of the Planning Committee members expressed their inability to choose between the conflicting claims and voted for the Officer’s recommendation without realising that they had in effect granted planning permission for the application. They thought they were simply forwarding the matter to Government Office for them to decide on the application. In short, some members of the Planning Committee thought they were voting for a public inquiry!

And that is exactly what PAIN is now calling for – a public inquiry.
Read PAIN’s call-in request (PDF).

There are plenty of media articles available for you to check out. Please watch the videos, listen to the audio report, read the articles and the comments – and leave comments of your own.

Central Television joined PAIN on the bus from Rainworth.
Watch their report
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Click here to view coverage in the Mansfield Chad newspaper – including audio interview and comments section.

Click here to view coverage in the Nottingham Evening Post – including comments section.

Click here for BBC News coverage

2 Responses to “Notts County Council raises no objection to Sherwood Forest incinerator”

  1. From a local supporter:

    Yvonne your letter I’ve noted, and its plain for all to see
    The meeting you attended was a different one to me.
    I went to the incinerator meeting at Notts on 9th of Jan.
    With the hope of persuading councillors.To vote NO
    would be a good plan.
    With Newark and Sherwood behind us. You we counted
    on too, but you sold us down the river, the others
    just hadn’t a clue.
    They debated the subject briefly, one even fell asleep.
    As we all sat there and listened it made us want to weep.
    Objections made were valid.( Aquifer,safety and health.
    Wild life, greenfield, environment.) The things that worry oneself.
    All seemed to be disregarded.No matter what the price.
    One councillor in his wisdom said
    “Incinerators look quite nice.”
    The residents of Rainworth I was proud of on that day.
    All we ever wanted was for us to have our say.

  2. From http://www.chad.co.uk/news/Mansfield-councillor-quits-Labour-over.4904639.jp

    Mansfield councillor quits Labour over incinerator
    Published Date: 24 January 2009

    A MANSFIELD county councillor has quit the Labour Party in disgust over plans to build a controversial incinerator in Rainworth.

    Coun Kevan Wakefield, who represents Mansfield South, decided to leave the party because he could not support the waste incinerator proposed for the former Rufford Colliery under a 26-year council contract with Veolia Environmental Services.

    And he has revealed plans to stand as an Independent candidate in June’s county council elections, either in the Rufford or Blidworth divisions.

    Coun Wakefield told Chad: “I have left the Labour Party because of the incinerator that they are planning to build in Rainworth and because of internal problems, but mainly because of the incinerator.

    “I left shortly before Christmas but I will definitely be standing at the council elections, just not for Labour.

    “They want to build an inefficient incinerator which doesn’t use the heat produced on a greenfield site. All the planning guidance that we have — we might as well rip it up.

    “It has been a massive decision to leave. I have been an active member of the party for 20 years and feel very bitter about the way I have been treated by the Labour Party.”

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