I am sending this montage on to you all so as you can actually see just how ludicrous this idea of this huge incinerator in the centre of our Duchy actually is. The building itself is larger than our Truro cathedral, the chimney is double the height of the Cathedral’s highest tower, and fifty foot, or 16 metres across at the top of the chimney.



At a hundred and twenty meters or over four hundred feet high this incinerator will be seen, and felt clearly from every point in our Duchy, especially the hotels and schools in Newquay, Penzance, St Ives, Wadebridge, Launceston and Truro.   It will clearly be seen from the A30, A39 and A38 coming into Cornwall, but what is far more important is that dioxins and PCBs PM2.5s will reach all these places and all the milk producing pristine farm land easily.

It takes between seven and ten years for an incinerator to contaminate a huge area around itself.  The higher the chimney the further the contamination will travel, in the prevailing wind.  This is a scientific fact.
Why?  because PM2.5s  are not tested for by the Environment Agency, and they only look for Dioxins at the top of the chimney around every six months or so.

The wind direction in Cornwall is South South West, and North North East equally.   That means that the whole of the Duchy will be contaminated, and after around ten years all food production will be stopped by the Food standards agency. There is no other incinerator of this size on or near farm land anywhere in the UK.  All such incinerators have been built in the poor areas of inner cities around the UK.

I hope that you are willing to publish this montage so as all the people in this Duchy (and beyond) can actually see what is happening in their name.

Yours with thanks.

Miss E Hawken MRSH chair CSWN

Cornwall Sustainable Waste Network

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