In addition to reading the updates (below) and visiting the various campaign group websites, you might also like to view the brief BBC Look East video clip on incineration and read the UKWIN coverage on Lets Recycle. I trust you all caught the BBC’s One O’Clock News on Thursday…UKWIN is about 1 minute and 35 seconds in…

Brief updates about current UK anti-incineration campaigns.

If your campaign news is not included, please contact the UKWIN Coordinator with your update!

Bailiwick of Jersey
Residents of the Island of Jersey are being blackmailed by those who are set on replacing the worn-out incinerator at Bellozanne with yet another incinerator. According to the BBC, the French firm given the £106m building contract for a new incinerator has agreed to fix the price only until the end of October. “Deputy Guy De Faye has warned that any delay [e.g. to allow time for evidence and alternatives to be carefully considered – ed.] could force up the cost of the incinerator”.
Quick! Buy now, ask questions later…
for more details.

East Midlands
Nottingham (NAIL)
Public Inquiry closed, judgement expected before the end of October. The City Council’s case was greatly strengthened by efforts of Nottingham Against Incineration and Landfill (NAIL) campaigners. Several articles are available from the Nottingham Evening Post’s website, including:
New-look incinerator ‘a pig in lipstick’ and
Closing statements in incinerator inquiry

Nottinghamshire (PAIN)
People Against Incineration (PAIN) campaigners are awaiting Veolia’s answers to questions put to them by Nottinghamshire County Council. Whether or not the application will be considered by Newark and Sherwood District Council and by Nottinghamshire County Council planning committees before the end of the year or not has yet to be determined. PAIN is also awaiting Information Commissioner Office decisions about the non-disclosure of Waste PFI contract details and about the level of Veolia’s charges for environmental information.

North West
Despite being granted planning permission for the monster facility by the Department for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform, the campaign opposing Ineos Chlor’s proposals is still going strong. Suspect calculations used to justify the stack height are to be further investigated with the support of UKWIN. Watch this space…and be sure to visit CHeshire Anti-Incinerator Network (CHAIN) and Halton Action Group Against The Incinerator (Halton Breathe/HAGATI) websites.

South East
Kent Enviropower Limited (a part of the Waste Recycling Group) have announced on their website that:

procedures to start all three lines have begun and the facility is expected to start burning waste later today” [Friday 26th September 2008]. “The facility is also accepting deliveries of waste. The next round of performance tests on the EfW facility are due to begin next week. These tests are a normal part of the commissioning process, and are designed to ensure that the facility is operating efficiently before Kent Enviropower takes it over, and begins commercial operations. The Materials Recovery Facility is also operating and accepting deliveries of recyclables.

New campaign group formed in Oxfordshire, and immediately join UKWIN! Oxfordshire County Council was presented with a petition organised by the Sutton Courtenay action group Sutton Courtenay Against the Incinerator. Waste Recycling Group (WRG), which owns the Sutton Courtenay landfill site, put in a planning application for an incinerator in August. Spanish-owned WRG is vying for the incinerator contract with Viridor, who operate the other major landfill site in Oxfordshire at Ardley, near Bicester.

Sutton Courtenay Against the Incinerator oppose the proposals to the site in South Oxfordshire as an incinerator would:

  • Dramatically reduce air quality in Sutton Courtenay and the surrounding areas, leading to health risks and poorer quality of life;
  • Significantly reduce the housing prices in the Sutton Courtenay area;
  • Destroy the beautiful countryside that we have come to know and love;
  • Increase the traffic through the village and all the roads in this area.

For examples of media coverage see

Also visit the Sutton Courtenay Against the Incinerator website for more. And don’t forget, Sutton Courtenay is one of two possible sites; the second is Ardley in North Oxfordshire. For more on the Ardley Against the Incinerator campaign visit the AAI website.

Surrey (GAIN)
Surrey County Council, which had been putting off considering the Capel incinerator application, has suddenly added this item to next week’s Planning Committee agenda. The recommendation is, subject to referral to the Secretary of State as a departure, and subject to the prior completion of a S 106 legal agreement to secure the routing of HGV vehicles and a travel plan, to PERMIT subject to conditions, citing the ‘need’ for such a facility and the lack of suitable alternatives. Local campaigners (GAIN) expect a decision on the Trumps Farm application to follow shortly. The Trumps Farm planning application was submitted in mid-July and the last date for objections is 30 September. A decision for Trumps Farm is scheduled for early 2009.

South West
Have you received your copy of the CD yet? They are proving very popular this season, so request now to avoid disappointment. Just a couple of weeks to get in any questions or comments for the Environment Agency to consider as part of the first round of the Environmental Permit (formerly IPPC) process. The Environment Agency must decide whether to grant or refuse the application. If it grants the application, it must decide what conditions should be included in the permit. Any comments should be made in writing to the Environment Agency at the following address: Permitting Support Centre, PO Box 4209, Sheffield, S9 9BS
In addition, if the EA decides to grant the application then they will make the draft permit available for comment. The EA’s guidance on decision-making under the Regulations can be found at This guidance explains what factors the EA considers relevant to its determination.

West Midlands
Brewood and Coven Council has resolved to ask Staffordshire County Council to re-consider the scheme proposed under planning application 08/00601/COM on the grounds that the exceptional size of the proposed incinerator facility at Four Ashes is detrimental to South Staffordshire and consequential emissions from the plant and high volume of traffic on nearby roads would be harmful to residents and cause significant road congestion. They point out that:

South Staffordshire Council considers that the current proposal is contrary to policies TR3, BE25, BE26, RE1 and LS1 in the South Staffordshire Adopted Local Plan, and accordingly, South Staffordshire Council urges Staffordshire County Council to re-examine the possibility of downsizing to a Waste to Energy Plant to minimise the impact on the environment, residents, traffic system and quality of life for all.

Warwickshire/Coventry/Solihull burner is cut by 45,000 tonnes according to campaigners who attended the recent Warwickshire Environmental Overview Committee meeting. Four people asked questions about waste and incineration. The breaking news is that the outline business case will be based on a 305,000 tonne burner instead of 350,000 tonnes. That is 45,000 tonnes less waste burned each year. It also means the plan is to replace a 240,000 tonne burner with one 65,000 tpa bigger at the cost of around £170m before PFI multiplier. By reducing the size hard-working campaigners have changed the cost models. Campaigners are advising caution however, saying: “We need to see if this reduction is real”.

Yorkshire & the Humber
North Yorkshire (DISC)
Dalton Incinerator Steering Committee (DISC) scores early victory as Public Examiner sends North Yorkshire County Council back to consult! See UKWIN article for more.

One Response to “Campaign round-up 27th September 2008”

  1. The following was received from From Cllr. James Abbott, District Councillor for theBradwell, Silver End and Rivenhall ward

    Please could you update the notes about Essex:

    A planning application is now in for a 360,000 tpa incinerator (called a CHP plant by the developers) to burn around 200,000 RDF which would include municipal, commercial and industrial wastes from across Essex plus around 100,000 tpa paper pulp residues from Eastern Region plus a further amount of undisclosed material. It is at Rivenhall Airfield, Essex and is promoted by Gent Fairhead who have been trying to build a major waste site in the countryside at the disused WWII airfield for nearly 20 years. The Stop the Incinerator campaign is now in full swing with regular updates at and

    This is a cross community campaign to encourage residents in the villages around the airfield to object before the planning deadline of 29th October and at the very least secure a full planning inquiry.

    We are continuing to work closely with Essex FoE.

    From Cllr. James Abbott
    District Councillor
    Bradwell, Silver End and Rivenhall ward

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