The picturesque Leicester village of Ellistown is waking up to the threat of a waste incinerator being built on land purchased by Leicestershire County Council. It is a good job that, with the support and encouragement of UKWIN, local Ellistown and Battleflat Parish Councillors proactively formed the Ellistown Action Group. Also good news, there is already a meeting planning for tonight! And to top it off, “Earthmover” Keith Kondakor will be there to share his experience and knowledge!

The meeting will be held at the Ellistown Wesleyan Reform Church (Whitehill Road LE67 1EP) from 7PM.

In a letter to Leicestershire County Councillors today (Monday 15th September 2008) the County’s Solicitor announced the location of the potential long term waste treatment facility, stating:

It is a requirement for all new Waste PFI Projects that at least one site is available for bidders to use as a potential location for the waste facility, and DEFRA advised the County Council to seek to make another site available to bidders other than the site at Whetstone. Members will be aware that on 3rd June the Cabinet authorised the Director of Corporate Resources to proceed with the acquisition of land as a potential location for a facility. I am grateful to those members who were advised of the site location but who kept it confidential following my advice that the information was commercially sensitive and disclosure would damage the County Council’s interests. However, I can now advise you that contracts have been exchanged on the site in question and completion is scheduled for 25th September. The site is at Bardon on the Interlink Business Park which is located between junction 22 of the M1 and the A511/M42.

Ellistown is located 2 miles (3 km) from the larger village of Ibstock, and 1½ miles (2½km) from the town of Coalville. Ellistown lies just within western boundaries of the National Forest, and according to Parish Councillor and UKWIN member Alan Gamble, the site is known to be covered by a planning condition for restoration to woodland.

The South Leicestershire Colliery closed in the 1989, the site of the former colliery is now a small industrial estate. The Bardon Interlink Business Park is home to Brantano, Hays, Laddaw, Nissan & Antalis.

33 Responses to “Ellistown under threat”

  1. Leics CC have still not put any relevant information on their website.

  2. After our successful launch meeting yesterday evening,with speakers Caroline Moles and Keith Kondakor,we have another Group meeting this Friday,7pm.19/9/08, at the Methodist Chapel,all are most welcome.We are also protesting at County Hall,next Wednesday,24/9/08,this is prior to a Council Meeting,`Phone;01530 260915.

  3. Ellistown has hit the campaign trail!

    Interviews today for BBC Radio Leicester, A Gamble, media contact person did the arranging.
    Progress meeting next Friday at the Wesleyan Chapel to finalise demo at County Hall next week.

  4. Interviews on BBC Radio Leicester this morning very well received.We are saturating all the surrounding areas with100% leaflet drop.Plus full colour posters in as many locations as paossible.

  5. Please everyone come along and support this demo we need people power to win this battle. Please talk to everyone and get them along.

    Incineration is not only wrong its not needed, lets send the County Councillors a clear message that they are in for a huge battle. I am sure with the likes of David Perrins and Alan Gamble and the support of groups like UKWIN and FOE this is going to be a battle we can win and its worth the support of all not just the locals it effects.

    ‘Lets get it clear we don’t want it here’

  6. Demo at County Hall Glenfield Leicester earlier today. 38 demonstrators turned up to hear local MP David Taylor offering his full support. Paul Hyde CC, & Dr M O’Callaghan CC both gave valuable input.
    Cabinet member Nick Rushton CC attempted to placate the group by saying that nothing has been decided. CCllr Rushton was confronted by several emotive lady campaigners who between them made their feelings very clear indeed.
    The local press attended, campaigners expect good coverage from them. ITV News filmed interviews with Nick Rushton CC & with Penny Wakefield, an Ellistown resident. This item wasn’t shown on the 6 o’clock news.
    The site chosen for the waste disposal facility is surrounded by high-tech industrial buildings. Did the County Council take the trouble to find out what the firms do in these buildings? Perhaps not…Benson Box Ltd manufacture high quality cartons & packaging under very hygenic conditions for the food industry. A near neighbour provides warehousing for Waitrose, the food supermarket operators. Nice one LCC. How safe is that, not very from my point of view.
    Next demo planned for Loughborough 24.10.2008, when LCC introduce their plans to prospective contractors. We will be there!!

  7. At the demo at County Hall Paul Hyde did not make any contribution whatsoever,he did not speak outside of the Council Meeting.Dr O`Callaghan was only there because along with Paul Hyde he was canvassing for the excellent David Taylor`s seat in Parliament {Back Bencher of the year].This is the first of many demos.David Taylor will prove an invaluable ally in our campaign.

  8. Next meeting Monday october 6th to form future plans, please come along and support the campaign

  9. Yesterday, Defra, the Government’s Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, agreed to pay £86.6 million towards the £137.6 million project.
    The contractor, which will be chosen in 2010, will pay the rest.
    Councillor Nicholas Rushton, cabinet spokesman for waste, said: “We can’t afford to continue to dump thousands of tonnes of waste in the ground, as we will run out of space and have to pay millions in penalties. We want to find the best process to treat waste.”

    Cllr Rushton who last week said in the coalville times that they had not said it was an incinerator well after defa giving such a large sum it proves the fight is against incineration and a fight he will be having. ‘ The gloves are now off’

    Rushton you will lose your county council seat over this

  10. Friday October 24th 2008 – protest commencing at 10-10.30am at Imago Conference Centre, Burleigh Court, Loughborough University (West Park), LE11 3TD. Access to Burleigh Court is off the A512 Ashby Road and through the University West Park Entrance

  11. The next meeting[prior to the L/boro demo ]is:Ellistown Working Mens Club.Tuesday.21/10, 7pm.Please get as many protestors at the demo ,as humanly possible.Quite apart from the poisons ,toxicity and all the noxious,cancerous emissions, gases, dust,Tiny Battleflat, which is already inundated with hgv`s will be over-run with several hundred more.Get every you can to L/boro on the 24th.

  12. See Bantheburn.Claire of Ellistown states that our Action Group is politically motivated.The only politician who has taken part is David TaylorMP.County Councillor Paul Hyde Labour,Parish Chairman Matthew Pollard Conservative.attempted to take over the Action Group at the first meeting but were unsuccessful.They have not been seen since at any meeting or demo.No doubt District Councillor Michael Wyatt Lib Dem, would have joined them in their takeover.The group belongs to the residents of Ellistown/Battleflat there is no politcal affiliation involved just the determination to stop this monstrosity.Claire,did you notice my surname at the top,why don`t you put yours on the site? Anonymity displays a lack of conviction.

  13. What as happened to our Parish Chairman, you remember the one who pointed to the rear of Rushby Rd as the site of the Incinerator then said the site was on South Leicester Industrial Estate?All this happened in one article in ,the Coalville Times when he said he would lead the people of NW Leics in the fight against the Incinerator.the article included a very substantial quote from resident Mike Newington ,Mr Newington never made this quote to the Coalville Times!!Lions lead by donkeys.

  14. Ellistown really is under threat now.North West Leics District Council who accepted our first victory over UK Coalwith very poor grace,have announced they intend to build 4,500 houses in the village.This in a village of approx`1,050 houses.The County Council has bought land for an Incinerator which we are fighting tooth and nail. The only land available for the housing is farmland [green wedge]The facilities in the village are none existant!The green wedge has been protected from devopment.The money from the new developnent will be used to regenerate the nearby town of Coalville,not Ellistown.Is this spite,vindictiveness,?,irony of ironiies it`s our own District Councillor, Matthew Blain,who is repeatedly stabbing us in the back.[Tory electorial canndidate. ]

  15. Do you recall LCC saying that no decision had been made on location of site.Well since Monday,29/10, men and heavy machinery have been working on the site at Interlink Park,Bardon.So that`s settled then!So much for consultation!!!

  16. Re posting above,date should read Monday,20/10.

  17. We held demo at L/Boro Uni yesterday for LCC Pre-bid Conference, pestered by security guards who said they sympathised with our cause but they had a job to do !Also the local District Council has announced 73 permanent Traveller pitches,this equates to 146 caravans {plus horsesand dogs etc}.Guess where they will be located? Plus there is to be an housing development called Bardon Grange sound familiar? 2,000 plus houses,thats 6,500 plus new houses in a village of 1,050 current houses. More pay back!We should change the name of the village,to TROY we are well and truly under siege,any one know the name of the councillor who is the Wooden Horse?

  18. Please sign our e-petiton at

  19. Has anyone any facts on the pre-bidders for the Leicesrershire Incinerator,any information would be most welcome?

  20. Please encourage everyone you know to sign the link below. E mail it to friends and family and tell everyone you know about it. There are over 5000 number 10 e petitions currently we are in the top 1100.

    We will be asking all local councillors to sign our petition to see just whos support we have. We should hit the top 500 within a week or 2 will just a bit of help from you all. Do not just sign yourself get the other person you live with to sign as well. Please help us push this issue all the way to the top

    We have a lot of hard work to do to get into the top 50 which is our main aim as this will hopefully bring this important issue to the people at the top.

  21. Charity single.A Rock band has released a singleto help oppose a waste incinerator.The Ellistown/Battleflat Action Group has enlisted the help of band”1000 Scars” to help highlight villagers concerns.The move follows the purchase of two plots of land on the Bardon Interlink Business Estate wherethe incinerator will be located.”ANTI-INCINERATION ” is the name of the song which has been written and produced by the band.Free CD`S are available,for more info,visit

  22. This week we have had a campaign banner and an anti-incinerator display board stolen.To-day posters were removed.All this organised by our Parish Chairman, without consulting the other Parish Councillors,the majority of whom support the cause we are undertaking,including the stolen items.In one case they entered private property to remove a poster.Earlier this year this self same man{sic}was declaring himself publicly the champion of the people against the monster.He hasn`t taken any positive action since this declaration.

  23. The anti incinerator song written recorded by local band 1000 Scars is now available for £2 please add £1 to cover postage. You can contact us by email at

    It would be nice to sell as many copies of this as possible and help spread the anti incineration song far and wide

  24. Today it has been reported in the news that three out of four councils dump waste put out for recycling in landfill or send it to incinerators.
    According to the Daily Telegraph more that 100,000 tons of recyclable waste was destroyed last year, with some councils failing to recycle 10% of what was collected.
    Further evidence we do not need incinerators.

  25. I have been informed by an excellent source that LEICESTERSHIRE COUNTY COUNCIL will be conducting the the serious bidders on site visits.That means Bardon because that is where they want to site the Incinerator,despite all their protestations to the contrary.The visits are planned for January-March.Anyone know of any firm dates? We want to give them warm Ellistown/Battleflat welcoming receptions.When I am informed of the dates I will post them,every one is welcome to join us.Come and see what other little gems they`ve got planned for us.Because we have the temerity to stand up to these bureaucracies.

  26. See 14 above.The Secretary Of State has decided to let North West Leics District Council decide UK Coal`s Application In other words we start again,only this time we fight in a more active way.We will bring in out siders to help us fight this atrocity.Iwould like Greenpeace, Indie Media ,Greepeaceand any otherEnvironmental Group to join us.We are organised with funds available.We want nothing short of total victory.We are a totally committed, Bolshie village!We want/need a Country Park not another warehouse,wev`e already got millions of square feet of those.01530 260915

  27. Reference the above,I mentioned Greenpeace, twice one of these references should have course been Friends Of The Earth. FOE help and advice has been invaluable to us and no slight was intended.Ihope they will continue to support us in our battle.

  28. All I want to say is, according to lefletts put up around the area, someone is missleading the residents of Battleflat and’s time for the truth.
    WE DON’T WANT AN INCINERATOR IN THIS AREA. The air condition/pollution is bad
    enough with out incinerator.

  29. Leicestershire County Council has to-day announced the names of three companies
    chosen to compete to poison us.They are -Veolia,Biffa and John Laing.They say they haven`t made their minds up to which system.Look on their web-site(the business plan)
    It`s an Incinerator(sorry,an energy from waste process)Pick the winner next year 2010,
    planning application in 2011,start building March, 2012,operational April 1st 2015,yes that`s the predicted date.They now say if you mix hazardous fly ash with another
    hazardous substance It will no longer be hazardous,anyone know what this magic
    Philosophers Stone is? Anyone betting against Bardon?

  30. Leicestershire County Council is still making dupes of it`s members,they are now being told that five waste systems are being studied.Look in their Outline Business Case and it`s obvously an Incinerator.They will be utilising waste from the seven Counties surrounding Leics if necessary to keep the monster burning plus nearby cities`waste this has been secretly agreed.Don`t County Councillors do their homework?They will be
    making a decision on this matter soon,don`t they care about their constituents and the environment.Why don`t more people read LCC websites?

  31. We are back up and running again.Most people seem to think that because of the Shepshed proposal that we are safe.That maybe but you can`t discount any possibility.I f we don`t get an Incinerator we will still get an enormous facility of some type.With all the attendant filth, stink and excessive traffic.

  32. We went to Loughborough /Shepshed,19/01/2010.Keith Kondakor gave his usual excellent pesentation which apparently didnot go down too well with some of the Cllrs present I have never seen a campaign with so many Cllrs involved (sic).Shepshed people need to get hold of their campaign otherwise you will get this Incinerator.Labour gvt is for, Tory CC is for so why let these local politicans turn this into a political football, It is an environmental issue not a politcal one?

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