Following a victorious local election result in the Parish of Ellistown and Battleflat last week, a local anti-incineration action group is to be formed. The group, tentatively named ‘The Ellistown Action Group’, hopes to pre-empt the selection of Coalville as the site for a 200,000 tpa waste incinerator for Leicestershire. Local campaigners have already scored a victory over landowners UKCoal, after UKCoal’s planning application to build warehouses was rejected, although UKCoal have now submitted a second application for their site.

The Ellestown Action Group are not the only anti-incineration campaigners working in the county. FoE Leicestershire and Leicestershire Anti-Incinerator Network (LAIN) have been successful in calling attention to another potential incinerator site, at Whetstone, Leicester.

Anyone wishing to support the Leicestershire anti-incineration campaigners can contact the UKWIN Coordinator

5 Responses to “Anti-incineration action group for Ellistown, Leicestershire”

  1. We are told by Leics County Council that they have purchased plots 5and 6 on Interlink Park, Bardon, to offer a prospective user.Unit 5 is already occupied by Wigston Paper and Board.How can you build an incinerator on an occupied? Is someone not giving http://www.gous the full story?Please check Google Maps to see construction. google maps

  2. In to-nights Leicester Mercury it`s announced Defra has agreed to pay Leics County Council £86.6 million towards £137.6 million.It`s definitely an incinerator,you don`t need that sort of money for any other system.We must involve more people and get tougher with the opposition.Everyone must do more to stop this monstrosity.LCC objected to UK Coal ruining the countryside then they pull this stroke of hypocrisy.Be at Monday`s meeting,6/10/8.We must make them change their minds,we have no alternative.Hit their pockets,be more proactive.

  3. Protest Meeting in L/boro,24/10 when the pre bidding will take place[in private, no public allowed,more secrecy.!]Ihave found the venue and start time which was also supposed to be secret.Venue:Imago Conference Centre,Burleigh Court,Village Park.L/boro UNI.Approx 10.00-10.30 start.Support from other groups and individuals would be most welcome.Please come and show your feelings or Ellistown/ Battleflat will be contaminated by this monster for the next 30/40 years.You won`t be able to sell your house,the Weight Restrictions are not enforced adequately and the Lorry Routes are ignored.Every vehicle goes through Battleflat,and a very high proportion of Commercial Vehicles enter Ellistown illegally.It can only get much, much worse.

  4. Am currently involved in campaigning against the proposals for the over development of the villages such as Hugglescote/Donington le Heath.Was very interested to read that councils have to show they can use the waste heat produced by incinerators as “hey presto”, they have now hugely increased the number of houses planned for Grange Road, Hugglescote and, intend to use the waste heat to heat these houses! I also understand that Leics. barely has enough waste to meet the tonnage requirements of this incinerator so any more recycling initiatives will be discouraged .Can we assume that this also might lead to waste being brought in from adjoining counties or, industrial waste being incinerated?In addition, because local primary schools(Hugglescote and Ravenstone) are over subscibed a new primary school will be needed should this development proceed and the suggested site for that is Grange Road, Hugglescote!

  5. we have professor paul connett world renowned toxicolagist on incinerators .and the dangers .coming to do a speech your members are welcome it free bring a group placcard . or banner ,paul will be at the moon hotel station rd spondon derby at 7.30 tuesdat 2nd feb .he will also talk on the alternatives how to recycle reach zero waste ,admission is free bring your vidio camera .pete/spondonagainst cyclamax incinerator facebook ../ ///screaming.thea@ntlworld/

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