Veolia has been organising trips to their ‘energy recovery facility’ (aka incinerator) in Chineham, Basingstoke. This facility, which is very similar to the proposed Battlefield, Shrewsbury, one, appears to be something of a flagship. So far they have taken elected representatives and journalists from Shropshire there.

They recently took their ‘Community Liaison Group’ round the incinerator on Sunday 24 May. We understand from residents in the area that Veolia’s trips do not include meeting the local people and the incinerator is always presented as clean and safe.

Safe Waste in Shropshire are therefore pleased to announce an ‘Alternative Tour’ to the Basingstoke area on Sunday 20 July. Chris Tomblin, the Chair of the Chineham Parish Council has kindly offered to host our visit. There will be an opportunity to meet councillors and residents who are living with the reality of the Chineham incinerator, to ask questions about their campaign and learn from their experiences, see what the incinerator really looks like and, most importantly, enjoy a pub lunch in sunny Hampshire! (sorry we can’t match Veolia’s PR-budget hospitality).

We will hire a coach and any interested party with an open mind is free to come. We have also invited elected representatives (all levels), health and environment professionals and the press on the trip. Please indicate your interest by MONDAY 2 JUNE AT 6 pm so that I can make the arrangements and sort out the costs which we hope we will be able to keep to a minimum…

Best wishes
Mirian, Secretary Safe Waste in Shropshire


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  1. I am wondering how you feel about incinerators, having been to visit one. How convinced are you that they are always clean and efficient?
    Do you think waste reduction (reduce, re-use, recycle) can work alongside an incinerator?
    What about the resources that will be burnt in the incinerator when they could be re-used?
    How do incinerators fit in with global warming, and our need to cope with an escalating oil crisis?
    Do you think incerators are the technology of the future, of a world in which resources are diminishing and climate change threatens our existence?
    If you have doubts, make sure you let the council know about them.

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