Joanna and LAIA – the Lincolnshire Anti-Incineration Alliance, are lobbying the Lincolnshire Waste Partnership to consider weekly collection of kitchen waste for AD, drawing on the conclusion that “Weekly food waste collections can benefit the environment and save money” as outlined in a Defra-funded study led by consultants Brook Lyndhurst. LAIA are trying to get Lincolnshire County Council and partners to consider kitchen waste collection before incineration, and the County Council are refusing to do so saying it’s to expensive and no one wants it. LAIA are asking for Lincolnshire County Council’s calculations, complaining that the County Council is not releasing this information under EIR. Caythorpe incinerator proposal appears have changed from the small biomass energy plant that passed through planning a few months ago to a proposal for incineration of a variety of wastes including canteen and kitchen food waste, municipal waste and sludge, plus a range of timber products, some contaminated.

3 Responses to “Lincolnshire (LAIA): April 2008 Update”

  1. Send me details of any campaign, I live in Doddington Park and have written Echo expressing concern

  2. I have in the past complained about developments across the other side of Doddinton Road (mainly falling on deaf ears), particularly the 24/7 noise from Sermatec. I will be formulating my protest for circulation to councillors. – Long term Finningley Road resident.

  3. I am trying to set up a food waste collection fo businesses in Lincolnshire, can you advise whether this is something that would interest anyone out there?


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