Welcome to the website of the United Kingdom Without Incineration Network (UKWIN). UKWIN now boasts well over 300 members, including more than 100 groups campaigning for sustainable waste management and against waste incineration.

Why does UKWIN oppose waste incineration?


UKWIN opposes the incineration of waste, both directly in waste incinerators and indirectly through refuse derived fuels or co-incineration in cement kilns. The UKWIN website provides resources for anti-incineration campaigners, including a quote bank featuring helpful public statement from authoritative sources as well as a consultation submissions archive.

The incineration of household waste depresses recycling and wastes resources, releases greenhouse gasses, and is often forced through against strong public opposition. Instead of promoting zero waste, incinerators rely for feedstock on material that should be recycled or composted. Incinerators create toxic emissions and hazardous ash, and therefore pose significant health risks.

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Existing and potential municipal waste incinerators

UKWIN has developed an interactive map of existing and potential municipal waste incineration sites. Please visit the map and look at the information we have gathered so far, to see if you know of anything for us to add. The map information is also laid out in the form of a table for easy reference. If you are aware of any improvements or corrections, please contact the UKWIN Co-ordinator.

CLICK HERE to visit the interactive map of existing and potential municipal waste incinerators

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EfW Guide Chapter 5 comes down hard on gasification and pyrolysis

On the 26th of February 2014 the Government published a revised version of ‘Energy from Waste – a guide to the debate’, a document which is intended “to provide a starting point for discussions about the role energy from waste [...]

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Joint letter to the Treasury opposing UK Guarantee Scheme’s support of biomass and incineration

On Wednesday 18 December at 2pm Biofuelwatch, Friends of the Earth, UK Without Incineration Network (UKWIN) and Campaign Against Climate Change will deliver a joint letter calling on the Treasury to drop biomass electricity and waste incineration projects from their [...]

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Report reveals incineration overcapacity constraint to recycling

Issue 5 of Eunomia’s Residual Waste Infrastructure Review was published on the 28th of November 2013. The Report reveals both residual waste treatment overcapacity and the constraining effect of long-term waste management contracts on recycling. As Eunomia put it on [...]

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End of the line for Shore Road incinerator?

Grundon’s planning application for a 90ktpa incinerator on Shore Road, near Perth Prison, was first refused in 2009 and its appeal was rejected by Scottish Ministers in November 2010. Grundon then submitted an amended planning application that was refused in February 2012, and on [...]

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